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2 Mistakes Divorcees Make When Marrying a Narcissist

How to divorce a Narcissist

There’s an epidemic that you know about all too well: narcissism. A growing concern, studies show that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) doubled between 1999 and 2009. Another study found that 6.2% of adults have NPD.

How to divorce a NarcissistSo, if you have 20 friends or family member, chances are at least one has NPD.

If you met your husband or wife at a local restaurant that seats 200 people, you just picked 1 out of 10 people that have NPD. Calculating and capable, these manipulators are often the nicest people you’ll ever meet – at first.

It’s not your fault.

Mistake 1: It’s My Fault

Being married to a narcissist is not your fault. You need to be intensely familiar with these individuals before uncovering their NPD. The biggest issue facing married couples and their family when a narcissist is involved is that they suffer from disbelief.

  • How can she be so cruel?
  • How can they be treating me badly?
  • What have I done wrong?

Profound self-centeredness is not your doing – it’s the narcissist’s innate trait.

When you fall into the “it’s my fault” trap, you’ll be subject to:

  • Further abuse
  • Additional compromises
  • An emotional rollercoaster

You’ll be subject to the person’s every demand when you blame yourself.

Mistake 2: Giving Into Demand

Control is the narcissist’s game. These individuals will control your life, if allowed, and they don’t accept blame. Psychological warfare is utilized to place the blame on you for everything. Discussing this behavior turns into a game of deflection where conflict is most common.

Accepting fault for the other person’s behavior leads to giving into demands, which prove fatal:

  • I let her take care of the bills
  • I let her take out new credit cards

Narcissists allow their control to be used for manipulation. The moment demands are met without confrontation, the person can use their power to:

  • Hide assets
  • Accrue massive debt

The hold a narcissist has on you is only as powerful as you allow it to get. You might not be believed in court. You might still suffer from abuse after your marriage. But you must never take fault for their actions, give into their demands or let them control your life.

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