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2014 Alimony Reform Act Impacts New Jersey Residents

Wife paying alimony to husband

New Jersey’s alimony law changes in 2014, under the 2014 Alimony Reform Act, is impacting settlements. The statute states that a former spouse is cohabitating if he or she maintains a “mutually supportive relationship.”

Men, and women, are filing for alimony termination stating that they spouse is cohabitating under the current law.

Wife paying alimony to husbandThe Act was passed into law in 2014, yet a major uptick in termination requests has occurred in recent weeks.

William Kloehn requested alimony termination in January 2016. The NJ resident and his wife were married for 22 years and are in their 50s. William paid alimony since 2007 before requesting termination due to his ex-wife having a boyfriend.

His attorney, Thomas Snyder, argued that the pair was cohabitating under the new law. The couple had been dating since 2008 and see other three times per week, according to her attorney. In opposition, Yvonne Kloehn’s attorney states that the two live in separate households.

The courts maintain a duty to review each situation case-by-case despite the new Act defining cohabitation.

Mueller vs. Mueller, a case heard in June of last year, put focus on the new Alimony Act when the 57-year-old plaintiff filed a motion to seek alimony termination upon retirement. The judge denied the motion, stating that the retirement was too far in the future to grant the motion.

The judge called the motion “premature.”

Mueller and his wife of 20 years separated in 2006. He must maintain his $300 per week permanent payments to his ex until he can request a future motion closer to the retirement age.

Governor Chris Christie signed into law collaborative divorce in fall 2014, allowing for divorce to become easier in the state. Lawyers note a substantial increase in divorces in the beginning of the year in 2017. The ease of divorce and the reduction of permanent alimony is leading to less risk when divorcing in the Garden State.

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