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2022 Winner of The Honorable Eugene H. Austin, J.S.C. Scholarship

2022 Winner Of The Honorable Eugene H. Austin, J.S.C. Scholarship

Here is the winning essay:

Daniel Hewitt Winner Scholarships - The Micklin Law Group, LLCHi, my name is Daniel Hewitt and I am a father of two teenage girls, ages 17 and 15. I have custody of them during the school weeks. It has been a challenge to raise them by myself especially when going through a divorce (2021) and during a pandemic when both children were fully remote at school during 2020. My greatest strengths are patience, tenacity and staying on top of things as I help my daughters through their last few years of school. My weakness is not always making time for myself since the majority of my time is spent remote working, studying (I started graduate school this January at Rowan University so I can eventually become a teacher) and raising my daughters. The scholarship would greatly help with my tuition expenses.

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