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3 Reasons You Need to Join Our Divorce and Custody Support Group

Divorce and Custody Support Group

You don’t need to go through divorce alone. We offer a divorce and custody support group (register here) that aims to educate you on the divorce proceedings. Our group is a must-attend for anyone thinking about or going through a divorce.

We recommend you join our divorce and custody support group because:

Divorce and Custody Support Group1. You Don’t Have to Go Through Divorce Alone

Divorce is a lonely, trying time. You’ll be leaving a person you thought you would be with for eternity, your family structure is changing and your schedule is now filled with legal appointments.

Our support group helps you arm yourself with the knowledge to go through a divorce while providing you the emotional support you need at this trying time.

Monthly or bi-monthly meetings will be scheduled.

You’ll also be able to meet others in the support group that are going through the same struggle and experience that you’re going through.

2. Real Discussions About Divorce

No one arms you with a handbook on divorce when you get married. The divorce process is foreign to most couples, and everyone has questions. Our support group utilizes our decades of experience to educate our visitors and provide answers to real-life questions, including:

  • How long the divorce process will take
  • How costly the divorce will be
  • How to maintain custody of your kids
  • The who, what and why about alimony
  • How long child support payments will last

And so much more. We aim to discuss divorce and child support issues that a lot of our clients never have answered.

You can ask questions, discuss your concerns with the group and get advice from one of the state’s leading divorce lawyers. There is a lot of information available at your fingertips during our group, and we encourage you to ask questions.

Everyone in the group is going through a difficult time. Your question may be one that someone else is too afraid to ask.

3. Registering and Attending is Free

You won’t pay a dime for joining in on our divorce groups. We look forward to your presence in our group, and we have plans to bring other professionals to the group to discuss the divorce process, too.

When you join, you’ll meet at our office (unless stated otherwise).

Everyone will be going through a similar situation and will be able to lend their experience with the group.

We’re a welcoming bunch.

Let us help ease your divorce struggles and pain together.

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