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4 Reasons Why Divorce is Harder for Men Than Women

The Micklin Law Group- 4 Reasons Why Divorce is Harder for Men Than Women

Divorce is difficult on everyone, and a spouse of any gender may find themselves struggling once their marriage is over. Still, there are several areas where men generally suffer more than women after they get divorced. Life after divorce for men is challenging for many reasons; here are a few examples our NJ divorce lawyers and family law attorneys have seen over the years. 

Men Have A Smaller Support Network

Women generally have an easier time reaching out to family members and friends when they’re going through a difficult time. They may also be more likely to reach out to a professional like a therapist for support during the divorce. Men are characterized as being less emotional than women and more reluctant to open up. Of course, divorce for men in New Jersey is a difficult process, and some men reach the point where they know they must talk to someone. But even if a man who is getting a divorce in New Jersey wants to speak with friends and family about his struggles, they may not be receptive to listening.

Men Are More Likely to Develop Health Issues

In many marriages, the wife is more on top of doctors appointments, healthy eating, and stress management. She may pass her knowledge on to her husband to try to keep him healthy. After a divorce, the husband lacks that care – often resulting in poor physical and mental health. Many divorced men develop heart issues or gain an unhealthy amount of weight, which is especially detrimental when they aren’t taking the time to speak to a physician about their health. 

Men Don’t Take the Time to Grieve

After a difficult divorce, both men and women may feel sad about the loss of their future together. However, women generally take more time to actually grieve the end of the relationship, while men are more likely to try to distract themselves from the pain. They may quickly move on by getting into a new relationship, or they may start using alcohol or drugs to cope. These unhealthy coping mechanisms are detrimental, and avoiding grief leads to a greater frequency of depression and anxiety in men. They can also lead to the previously mentioned physical health issues.

Men Get Less Time with Their Children

Many divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey are fighting to make child custody more even between parents, but men are still at a disadvantage. Some judges, especially those who are more old-school, believe that the mother should get more time with the child because she is seen as the primary caregiver. Men whose relationship with their children suffers after their divorce may find themselves depressed and unsure of where to turn. If this is your situation, make sure to speak to a New Jersey divorce lawyer for men and fathers.

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