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4 Things Not to Do When Getting a Divorce

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Divorce can be a tumultuous time. It’s easy to lose focus and say or do something that you otherwise wouldn’t. Knowing what not to do during a divorce may wind up saving you from getting less than your fair share or dragging the proceeding on for longer than it needs to.

Here are four things you should never do when getting a divorce.

1.     Don’t Accumulate More Debt

There’s no getting around the fact that divorce is expensive. Not only will you have to pay the attorney’s fees, but you’ll also have to establish a new household. Costs can quickly add up if you don’t carefully manage your finances. Needless to say, now is not a good time to accumulate any more debt. The legal bills and court costs associated with your divorce may occur sooner than you anticipated.

2.     Don’t Settle Too Quickly

I advise against settling too quickly. It may be tempting to settle early to get out of the marriage quickly, but doing so may put your financial security at risk.

Be sure to have multiple copies of your financial documents, including tax forms, pension statements, mutual fund statements, credit card statements and other financial records. Once you have a better understanding of what you and your spouse own and what debts you have, you can ensure that you get your fair share out of the divorce.

3.     Don’t Dismiss the Idea of a Mediation

If you and your spouse can come to an amicable agreement on issues like property division and child custody, you can save time and money through mediation. A divorce mediator is a third party professional who will help you and your partner come to an agreement on divorce issues.

While an attorney is typically not allowed to attend mediation sessions, you’re still free to consult with an attorney at any time during the divorce process to ensure that your rights are protected.

4.     Don’t Put the Kids in the Middle

Divorce can be especially difficult for children. Putting them in the middle will only make the situation even more traumatic. Do your best to continue life as normal by attending after-school activities and taking the kids out to the movies or dinner. Avoid talking badly about your spouse, too. Remember, your spouse is your child’s parent and your relationship should not affect their relationship.

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