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Financial TipsDivorces can open the door to a lot of emotional, financial, and mental upheaval. While women handle and overcome the turmoil through an emotional process, men, who don’t typically express themselves freely, end up facing the very real concerns alone. Often, men don’t have the tools and support to guide them when they go through a divorce.

Men often decide to keep their divorce private and avoid opening up to friends and family. While the emotional balance and mental peace can be regained by seeking support and guidance from peers, the financial aspect of a divorce still needs to be addressed for men undergoing a divorce.

Divorce attorneys for men want their clients to understand the financial repercussions they may have to face after they dissolve their marriage, so they can take the right steps to secure their financial future.

Finance Advice from Divorce Lawyers for Men

Here are some financial tips from experienced divorce attorneys who focus their practice on men and fathers in a divorce-

  • Digest Numbers – Men who are going through or are about to go through divorce should be prepared to think about their financial situation. In a case of high net-worth businesses, it may end up that you may need to shell out a larger sum in support. You can potentially make your divorce a less expensive process If your communication with your partner is straightforward and all divorce concerns are sorted prior to court. Additionally, costs of a niche expert or co-parenting counselor may substantially increase your expenses. Try and look at your situation and calculate the expenses you may expect down the road, so you can plan your finances better.
  • Consider Alimony Payments – In cases where their spouse left their job to care for the family, men are often the ones who may need to pay alimony to their ex-spouses. While no one wants to write checks to their ex-spouse, it is better to look at your situation objectively. By doing so, you can be mentally prepared and position yourself better to negotiate alimony payments with your divorce attorney.
  • Accept Alimony – In the case that the mother provides for the family while you are a stay-at-home father, remember that instead of feeling insecure and ashamed of receiving alimony payments from your ex-spouse, know that you are entitled to that income. You supported the family and took care of your children by sacrificing your career for them. Just as a woman may deserve alimony payments, men do too.
  • Learn Budgeting – Prepare a budget for your expenses while you are going through a divorce, and one that you can follow post-divorce. Since divorces are hard on the finances, you can balance your needs and wants through an effective budgeting system- one that considers your future as well as present needs.
  • Keep Financial Sanity – When you go through a divorce, you may have the need to feel good. Learn to suppress any impulsive financial decision that could potentially impact your future. Hold your impulsive desires in check and avoid making a major financial decision for 6-12 months- including moving to a new city, leaving your job, spending heavily on materialistic possessions, etc.

Divorce attorneys for men advise their clients to listen to their instincts and partner with a financial advisor if they need guidance.

Divorce Lawyers for Men in Nutley and Montclair

A divorce attorney can be your confidant and support system throughout your divorce process. Brad M. Micklin at The Micklin Law Group understands that well. Being divorced himself, Brad Micklin aggressively works so he can preserve men’s and father’s rights in divorce.

Brad Micklin’s extensive experience helps him guide men and fathers through this difficult process, including offering financial tips through the process. Contact The Micklin Law Group at 973-562-0100 to schedule a consultation.

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