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Alimony 101 for Spouses Considering Divorce

Help! I’m Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorce is a major life event, with many implications, including financial ones. For New Jersey women considering divorce, alimony is an important consideration, particularly if she has not pursued a career, instead devoting her life to domestic pursuits.

When considering a divorce in New Jersey, be sure to think about these concerns:

  • Alimony is one of the most contentious issues in divorce cases. If you ask for alimony, expect a long and bitter legal battle.
  • In New Jersey alimony law, fault in a divorce will not impact an alimony award, unless the fault was especially egregious or if the fault had a direct impact on the couple’s financial situation. For example, a spouse seeking alimony may not get it if she depleted marital assets to buy gifts for a lover.
  • Unlike child support, there are no formulas used to calculate alimony in New Jersey. Relevant case law requires courts to consider the lifestyle of the couple, the paying spouse’s ability to pay, and the dependent spouse’s ability to support themselves.
  • New Jersey’s alimony laws have changed. Spouses can no longer obtain permanent alimony. Spouses in marriages of less than 20 years can no longer receive alimony for a time period longer than the duration of the marriage. Also, former spouses who take on live-in partners may lose their alimony.

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