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Alimony Rights: Do Men Have Any?

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Many men believe they do not have any right to seek alimony from a spouse during divorce proceedings. It is understandable that men would have this perception. At least, that’s what the data. says. Around 97 percent of spouses paying alimony are men.  Women make up only the last three percent. Is  this because men have fewer alimony rights , or because they are less willing to ask for what is rightfully theirs?

Alimony Rights for Men

Divorce decree document - Alimony Rights: Do Men Have Any?Unfortunately, it is the latter. As men, we are taught from a young age that we are the providers. While that can translate into a healthy dynamic during the marriage, it means that men are much less likely to push for alimony. Even if they need it.

The rights men and fathers have depend on the state where you live. For instance, some states have recently tweaked their laws with respect to alimony payments. New Jersey is an example of such a state, where alimony payments are now adjustable depending on whether circumstances may change for either or both parties in a divorce.

The most important bit of information a man should know before heading into a divorce settlement is that if they are making less money than their partner, it is okay to ask for alimony. Do not feel pressured by your spouse, family or by society into thinking that you should “suck it up” and make things work. It is your right to receive alimony if your partner was the major earner in the family.

Consult with your New Jersey Attorney

And even if you were the individual who earned more, it is important to consult with your attorney to ensure that you are paying a fair amount to your spouse. There are far too many cases where men end up paying three or four times the alimony their spouse would need to live comfortably – and it is time to change that.

The Micklin Law Group, LLC is a New Jersey law firm focusing on men’s rights during a divorce. Attorney Brad Micklin was recently named to The National Advocates list of Top 100 attorneys from each state. Brad has experience working with securing alimony for men. You can read more on this topic by visiting our Alimony Blog. To set up a consultation, call 973-562-0100.

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