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Can My Spouse Spend Our Assets While the Divorce Is Pending?

Brad Micklin-Can My Spouse Spend Our Assets While the Divorce Is Pending?

If you’re getting divorced without any assets, you and your spouse probably aren’t worried about each other frivolously spending money during the divorce process. However, if you’re going through a high-asset divorce, you may already be seeing your spouse engage in irresponsible financial behavior without any regard for the future. Are you confused about what your spouse is permitted to spend during the divorce? Luckily, there’s a fairly easy-to-understand legal standard. However, not all judges will see things the same way. 

Determining Reasonable Spending

Obviously, both parties to the divorce will continue to have daily expenses that must be addressed using your shared assets. Things like groceries, gas, and household supplies are considered reasonable spending, and both parties are permitted to continue their current standard of living during the divorce. This means different things to different couples. If your spouse has had a $5,000 per month clothing budget for the entirety of your marriage, you cannot stipulate that she must now buy all her clothes from the thrift store. 

Some spouses take their spending way too far during the divorce out of spite or to try to benefit from the majority of their marital assets. Certain spending habits are cause for concern for many men going through a high-asset divorce. If you notice any of the following, speak to your divorce lawyer for men about how to proceed:

  • Shopping for luxury items, including clothes, jewelry, and vehicles
  • Purchasing expensive gifts for family, friends, or an affair partner
  • Going on vacations that you wouldn’t normally take as a couple
  • Taking out a loan without your consent
  • Renovating separate property or stockpiling furniture and supplies for when they move out

Even if your spouse isn’t telling you about her shopping sprees and vacations, you may be able to find evidence to bring to a judge. Check her social media accounts for photos and mentions of these luxuries, and make sure to take screenshots if you find anything. A judge will certainly be interested to hear about how your spouse has increased her standard of living during the divorce. 

Divorce Consulting For Men in NJ

If you haven’t yet filed for divorce but have noticed your spouse engaging in suspicious financial behavior, it is in your best interest to work with a divorce consultant to take a look at your finances. Spouses are not permitted to hide assets during a divorce, so a divorce consultant can help you review your financial records to see where your money is going. Men who have questions about legal separation and finances, whether they are currently going through a divorce or just considering one, should always contact a divorce lawyer in NJ to start looking over their finances and creating a plan for the divorce. Contact The Micklin Law Group to work with our experienced divorce attorneys for men. 

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