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Celebrity Divorces During COVID-19: Learn From Their Mistakes

Brad Micklin- Celebrity Divorces During COVID-19: Learn From Their Mistakes

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us, and that has led to many divorces – especially in Hollywood. The tabloids have been chock full of salacious details about famous couples’ splits, from their custody arrangements to allegations of abuse and more. Not many people would be happy to have these details known so publicly, but some celebrities don’t understand how to keep things discreet or simply don’t care because they’re trying to hurt their ex.

If you’re a public figure yourself, you can learn from other celebrities’ mistakes during their divorces. Even if you aren’t in the public eye, these tips can help you keep distant family members and friends, acquaintances, old coworkers, neighbors, and the rest of your city out of your personal business during your divorce.

Try to Stay Civil

Spitefulness isn’t a good look. Since fans are often watching celebrities’ every move during a divorce, they’ll easily spot any unbecoming behavior from either spouse. Do you really want to be like some of the high conflict celebrity divorces? Slinging mud and sullying your spouse’s name reflects poorly back onto you.

Any divorce attorney for public figures will tell you nothing good can come from being nasty during your divorce. In addition to being judged poorly by third parties, underhanded behavior can make your spouse less cooperative. If you treat your spouse poorly, he or she may be less likely to compromise when it comes to the division of your assets, spousal support negotiations, etc.

Keep Details Off the Public Record

Celebrities who are constantly scrutinized by the public may not be able to avoid ending up in gossip magazines during their divorce, but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to know the nitty-gritty details of their settlement or custody arrangement. Celebrities who have a public divorce in court generally face more judgment, which can potentially be damaging to their public image.

You can avoid airing your “dirty laundry” and financial information during your own divorce by settling issues like the division of your marital property and custody of your children in mediation instead of in court. Certain information about a divorce will always be public record, but you can minimize the amount of details available by staying out of court and reaching an agreement with your spouse privately. Speak to a divorce lawyer for entertainers if you’re in the public eye and want to attempt mediation before going to court.

Stay Out Of Court (If It’s the Right Choice for You)

Both parties are generally unhappy in some way if a judge is the one to decide the terms of their divorce. The family law courts make decisions based on general guidelines and ideas, but they don’t know the couple personally and can’t thoroughly address each individual’s best interests.

High conflict divorce for public figures generally ends up with the spouses in court, which is sometimes a recipe for a stressful, expensive, and disappointing divorce. Learn from their mistakes by doing what you can to settle your divorce quickly without involving a judge. A qualified divorce attorney for entertainers will generally try to come up with terms they believe your spouse will agree to, from the division of your marital property to a fair child custody arrangement. If this doesn’t work, your attorney will know how to get prepared to argue your case in front of a judge while still using as much discretion as possible.

Work with A Divorce Lawyer for Entertainers

Being an entertainer or local celebrity can cause your divorce to be more challenging. You’ll receive optimal support when you work with a lawyer who knows how to help you overcome these challenges. The Micklin Law Group’s attorneys have been helping men and fathers navigate high profile and high conflict divorces for decades. We’re the discreet and effective law firm you’ve been searching for.

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