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How Celebs Get Divorced on the Down-Low

How Celebs Get Divorced on the Down-Low

When celebrities get divorced, the dirty details of the proceedings aren’t always made public. Why is it that some high-profile cases, like Tiger Woods’ and Kim Kardashian’s divorces, make headlines, while other celeb splits happen seemingly overnight – right under the public’s nose?

Celebrity divorce new jerseyThey Sign Prenups

When Kris Humphreys divorced Kim Kardashian, he walked away with nothing. Why? Because they both signed a prenuptial agreement.

Prenups aren’t just for the rich and famous; they can benefit everyday couples, too. If you have any assets that you would like to protect, a prenup can help secure your property, like family heirlooms. Prenups can also extend to intellectual property, like copyrights, trademarks, royalties and/or patents you own.

They Use Divorce Mediation

Some high-profile divorce and custody battles are very public, while others start off public and drop off the radar. In many cases, this happens because the couple turns to divorce mediation – not public litigation. Mediation involves a neutral third party mediating between both parties to reach a resolution.

Mediators can help couples resolve issues that they were unable to agree on, which makes the entire process move along more smoothly. This route is quicker, cheaper and less public.

They Choose a Collaborative Divorce

When A-list celebrities want to keep the details of their divorce out of the public eye, they turn to collaborative divorce. Rather than opting for public litigation, these couples employ the help of several attorneys and professionals to resolve disputes privately.

A collaborative divorce is much quicker and less stressful for all parties involved. It’s also less public and winds up costing less in the long run.

In a collaborative divorce, the goal is to have both parties work cooperatively to reach an agreement. Rather than relying on the judge to make a decision, both parties have control over the outcome of their divorce. Taking a collaborative approach helps keep things civil while giving both parties more control over the decision-making process. While collaborative divorce does not work for all couples, it does help keep costs lower and promotes cooperation between both parties.

While no celebrity gets out of a divorce unscathed (people do talk), many are able to keep the details of the proceedings hush-hush. The quicker the divorce, the fewer the details that are made public, which is always the goal in a high-profile case. Signing a prenuptial agreement, opting for divorce mediation and choosing collaborative divorce can help both celebrities and everyday couples avoid long, costly and public litigation.

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