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Choosing A Child Custody Lawyer for Your High Profile Case

Brad Micklin- Choosing A Child Custody Lawyer for Your High Profile Case

Our children are innocent bystanders during a divorce, so most of us do everything in our power to help them feel stable even as their parents are splitting up– even if your divorce is unconventional.

If you’re a divorcing man who is an entertainer, professional athlete, or celebrity, you probably have unique concerns when considering child custody. For example, you may have to contend with the media making your private information public. You may also need flexibility when creating a custody arrangement due to your demanding and atypical schedule.

Finding an experienced child custody attorney who knows how to handle a high profile case can be challenging, but it’s a necessity if you hope to obtain a favorable outcome.

Finding A Discreet Child Custody Attorney

Custody cases can quickly spiral out of control, especially if one or both parents are entertainers, professional athletes, or celebrities. The case becomes less about what’s best for the kids and more about using them as bargaining chips, especially if your spouse is a narcissist. Some spouses are more than happy to air the couple’s dirty laundry to the public. The ensuing media circus is the last thing a divorcing father needs when he’s dealing with such a significant life change.

If you’re already facing a contentious custody battle, you need to be prepared to protect yourself and your child. A men’s child custody attorney for entertainers will help you keep your private information out of the press by using every tool available to you. The Micklin Law Group’s lawyers for celebrities often file requests with the courts to seal certain legal documents and keep the media out of our clients’ family business. If a divorce lawyer doesn’t have experience with high profile cases, they may miss out on important opportunities to keep your case details private.

Considering a Parenting Plan – Not A Formal Custody Agreement

The right divorce lawyer for the job will also help you consider your custody options to determine what’s in the best interest of your child. An in-court custody order isn’t your only option.

For example, a parenting plan is a good option for divorcing couples who want flexibility with their co-parenting arrangement while also being able to define guidelines for their children. A parenting plan doesn’t just address who the child will be staying with or when; it also outlines time with grandparents, how health decisions are made, how the parents will handle extracurriculars and everything in between. In short, it clearly defines how the exes agree to parent their child.

In addition, a parenting plan may help you and your ex keep details about your parenting out of court. It is often easier to modify than a traditional custody order; as long as you and your ex agree to the changes, you’re generally free to modify your plan as your child ages and new challenges arise.

Your Attorney Should Prepare to Fight for Primary Custody

If you’ve suggested creating a parenting plan and your spouse isn’t having it, you’ll have to head to court to obtain custody of your child. 50/50 joint custody is often the court’s preference, but you may have a very good reason why this isn’t best for your kid. If you’re concerned for your child’s well being, be sure to mention that to any potential custody lawyers. Many husbands of narcissists (and women with other personality disorders) have seen their spouse’s destructive behavior firsthand and have very valid reasons to seek primary custody.

Even before you choose your attorney, you may already know you want primary custody of your child – and that your ex won’t agree to it. Be sure to mention this when attending consultations with potential divorce or child custody lawyers. Experienced attorneys for male entertainers are used to challenging in-court custody battles, so we’re prepared to represent all clients (even those who anticipate a high conflict custody case). If a potential child custody lawyer isn’t comfortable using an assertive approach to get you the custody arrangement you desire, they may not be right for your case.

If you believe The Micklin Law Group’s knowledgeable attorneys for male entertainers, athletes, and celebrities may be a good fit for your case, schedule your initial consultation here or call our Nutley, NJ office: 973-562-0100.

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