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Choosing the Right Child Custody Attorney to Meet Your Needs

Montclair and Nutley NJ Child Custody Attorney

Divorces can lead to heartache and turn the lives of those involved a complete 360 degrees. The ebb and flow of numerous emotions during a divorce process often hamper decision making and affect your ability to think clearly. Child custody proceedings add another layer to a divorce and can make divorces harder than they already are.

Montclair and Nutley child custody attorney

Few things influence fathers as much as the thought of their children’s secure future. This is the reason why child custody battles can turn intense and involve a lot of emotional upheaval. To work towards the best outcome for your children- one that suits you and your children’s future- you need to identify an experienced child custody attorney.

Here’s what to look for in a child custody lawyer-

  • Experience – Child custody circumstances are often unique, and demand a specific skill set from lawyers. Identify the key skills your lawyer would need to take you through your child custody proceedings. Determine if your case is going to be high-conflict, if there is child abuse involved, if your child has special needs, and so on. Your search for the right child custody attorney starts with what you need. Look for child custody attorneys who have relevant experience.
  • Team vs. Solo – Find out if the attorney works alone, or has a team behind the curtains. If there’s a team, you would want to know the experience and expertise levels of the attorneys who would be working on your case.
  • Local / International – If your case does not cross the boundary of your state, look for a local child custody lawyer. However, if a case involves the international or interstate movement of either of the spouses, you’d need a child custody attorney with a deep know-how of the state laws, international laws, and so forth.
  • Budget – Divorces can be a financial burden. You don’t want to hire an attorney who is way out of your budget. Your child’s well-being is crucial, but, at the same time, you also need to assess what you are financially capable of. Compare the rates of each lawyer you talk to, and see if you can save somewhere. The last thing you want to do during a divorce is spend more than you can afford.
  • Communication – Meet your potential lawyers in person. By doing so, you will get a chance to see the traits that are not visible over the phone. Consider their people management and communication skills. Your child custody attorney will need to communicate with other lawyers, your spouse, and you. It is important that they have this vital skill.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Divorces involving kids are emotionally draining for everyone involved. Therefore, compassion and emotional balance is the key trait your child custody attorney should have. They should understand how difficult it is for you and your child. Empathy and kindness are integral values in any child custody lawyer.

The Micklin Law Group, LLC Assists Men in Child Custody Cases – in Nutley & Montclair

Experienced Montclair and Nutley child custody attorneys at The Micklin Law Group, LLC handle cases for men working to get custody of their children. Our family law attorneys also offer guidance to fathers looking for fair parenting rights.

The Micklin Law Group, LLC is a firm that cares more about your children than their legal fees. This is why when you hire The Micklin Law Group, LLC, the firm covers the cost of your child’s pre-divorce session with a therapist. Learn more about this service here.

Brad M. Micklin at The Micklin Law Group, LLC is compassionate, experienced, and can understand your situation. Brad M. Micklin identifies the unique aspects of each case he handles and works aggressively to bring out a fair outcome for you and your children.

Consult Brad Micklin – call 973-562-0100 today!

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