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Coping During A Stressful Divorce

The Micklin Law Group- Coping During A Stressful Divorce

Getting divorced is one of the most stressful experiences someone can go through – it’s right up there with the death of a loved one. It’s common to feel emotionally drained and physically exhausted during your divorce. While mourning your marriage, how can you help yourself to handle the stress? Here’s where to start.

Reach Out to Loved Ones

Some men struggle to build a support system during their divorce, which can make them feel isolated and fearful of the future. Reach out to friends and family as soon as possible to ensure you’ll have support during those dark times when you’re really struggling emotionally. If you’ve lost friends to the divorce, it may also be a good idea to attend a few social events and pursue new friendships.

Maintain Your Physical Health

When we’re not feeling our best emotionally, it’s easy to neglect our physical health. This leads to a cycle of consistently declining physical and mental health. You can combat this downward spiral through exercise and a balanced diet. Exercise is a great stress reducer that has been proven to decrease negative feelings and anger. Eating well will give you the energy you need to tackle your stress head-on and overcome the emotional challenges it often creates. 

Accept Your Reality

Avoiding your problems and emotions will not make things any easier for you in the long run. It can be tempting to run away from the issues you’re facing, but it’s not advisable. Don’t put the divorce off because you refuse to accept reality – this will just lead to more legal fees and prolonged stress. There are plenty of resources out there for men who are ready to enter the next phase of their lives, but first you need to accept that it’s time to move on. 

Feel Your Feelings

Sadly, society tells men that they are not allowed to have strong feelings, especially feelings of grief. But everyone is bound to feel distraught as they mourn the loss of their old life. Bottling up your feelings works against you and is damaging to your emotional and physical well-being. Instead, utilize your support systems, consider working with a therapist, or attend a support group for men who are going through the same struggles. 

Talk with An Attorney

The best way to reduce stress during a divorce is by working with a legal professional who is efficient and effective at obtaining a favorable divorce agreement. This will save you countless sleepless nights because you’ll be working with an experienced professional who won’t allow costly mistakes to be made. Your divorce lawyer for men in NJ will also be able to recommend other professionals who can help you get through a tough time. 

The Micklin Law Group’s family law and divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey have focused their careers on supporting husbands and fathers. Our attorneys understand the challenges men face during a divorce, so we are here to reduce your stress and help you get through this challenging time. Contact us to speak with a men’s rights attorney. 

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