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The Costly Risks Of Representing Yourself During A Divorce

The Micklin Law Group- The Costly Risks Of Representing Yourself During A Divorce

Are you considering representing yourself during your divorce proceedings? Some men wonder if this is the best option for them, especially if they are on friendly terms with their spouse or want to keep things uncomplicated. In reality, representing yourself during a divorce or another family law case is almost always more costly, both financially and to the positive outcome of the case. Here are the risks you face if you choose to represent yourself during your divorce.

You May Not Understand Your Rights

Without a thorough understanding of New Jersey divorce laws, a man who is representing himself during his divorce risks missing out on some of the things he is entitled to by law. If you don’t know what you’re entitled to, how can you be sure you’re getting the best result during your divorce? A divorce lawyer and family law Attorney in NJ will be able to explain how the courts view things like child support, spousal maintenance, and child custody. Child custody is arguably most important since many dads assume they don’t have a right to equal parenting time. They don’t even ask for a 50/50 custody split, which means they may be missing out on quality time with their child that they can never get back.

The Divorce May Drag On

The average man simply does not possess the legal knowledge and skills of New Jersey divorce attorneys. Unless you have gone to school for law, you may run into challenges during the divorce process that can make it drag on for months or years longer than is actually necessary.

It’s also difficult for laymen to understand the intricacies of the family law court system.

Showing up to court without an understanding of the evidence you can present and what you should say to prove your case isn’t just irritating; it can also cost you financially in the long term when you are forced to pay spousal support or give up important marital assets. If you make it halfway through your divorce before realizing you are in too deep and hiring an attorney, you will end up having to pay attorneys fees anyway.

You May Lose Objectivity

A divorce is emotional for everyone involved, even when you agree that it’s for the best. This may cause you to have unrealistic expectations about how your divorce should shake out. New Jersey divorce lawyers are able to offer their unbiased opinion about what you can reasonably expect based on their years of experience representing men and fathers like you. Without the assistance of a New Jersey divorce lawyer for men and fathers, you risk making unrealistic demands of the judge which can quickly affect your reputation and impact the outcome of your divorce. Ask for what you rightfully deserve, not for what you want based on your personal bias.

Divorce and family law for men in New Jersey can be complicated. Work with a team you can trust. Contact The Micklin Law Group

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