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Determining Spousal Maintenance Payments for Male Public Figures

Brad Micklin- Determining Spousal Maintenance Payments for Male Public Figures

Of all the components that make up a public figure’s divorce, one is much more controversial and publicized than the rest: spousal maintenance payments. Even tabloid articles that mention the couple’s marital property are less indelicate than discussion over which spouse will be getting paid each month. Some believe the higher earner is being “taken to the cleaners” while others believe the loyal spouse deserves much more spousal support (alimony) than they’ve been granted.  

The buzz around alimony in high profile cases spreads misinformation like wildfire. Few entertainers are well-informed about spousal maintenance when they file for divorce, which is why I always recommend working with a knowledgeable New Jersey divorce lawyer for entertainment figures who can help accurately explain this topic. In the meantime, here’s some basic information about how spousal support is decided, either during mediation or in court. 

How Is Alimony Decided?

Most couples would prefer to keep their divorce far away from a courtroom because there is much more flexibility in mediation. Luckily, alimony can be decided during arbitration and subsequently approved by a judge. If you’re discussing spousal support during mediation, it can be arranged however you wish as long as both parties are happy with the final decision. But don’t assume you can make an outrageous offer and get your way. Both New Jersey divorce lawyers for entertainers will consider your marital assets, careers, debts, and other factors when coming to the table with a proposed spousal support amount.

Not every couple can come to an agreement over spousal maintenance payments. It may be time to gather your evidence and plead your case in front of a judge. The process is often unavoidable if your ex is being unreasonable and you simply don’t see eye to eye, or if she has a high conflict personality and is determined not to settle. Your New Jersey lawyer for male entertainment figures will prepare for court by gathering financial and lifestyle information to illustrate what is a reasonable monthly payment, if any. The judge will ultimately use factors outlined in the alimony statute to determine what is equitable and how long the payments should last. Contrary to popular belief, many spousal support orders are actually relatively short-term.

How to Pay Less Alimony

During our first few meetings, new clients often express how powerless they feel when it comes to issues like child support and spousal maintenance payments. Is there a legal option for men who want to minimize their spousal support payments for financial or personal reasons?

If you are still in the process of trying to agree on a settlement with your ex, you may be able to offer an arrangement that minimizes or eliminates spousal support. One of the most common options is offering a lump sum your ex can use to tend to their short-term needs. This is a win-win for some couples because they can both move on from the divorce more quickly instead of monthly payments hanging over their heads for years to come.

If you’ll be going to court to determine your alimony payment, your New Jersey divorce lawyers for male entertainment figures can help you decipher the alimony statute and understand how to close the gap between “expected” spousal support payments and your actual monthly payment amount. This means assessing the 14 factors judges use and gathering evidence to show why they do or don’t apply to your case. 

These are just a few tips for keeping your alimony payments minimal during your divorce as a professional athlete or entertainer. We have plenty more proven methods to apply to your case! Contact us to learn more about our team. 

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