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Divorce Checklist for Sports and Entertainment Figures

The Micklin Law Group- Divorce Checklist for Sports and Entertainment Figures

Based on what we hear of high profile public figures’ divorces in the news, you’d think every divorcing entertainer faces a contentious, years-long battle. This is a reasonable assumption, but it isn’t realistic. Many athletes and entertainers experience a divorce that is similar to any other high asset case. Once an attorney has addressed their client’s privacy concerns, they can begin to address more common issues like custody, division of assets, and spousal support

Find A New Jersey Lawyer for Male Entertainment Figures Who Will Keep Your Info Private

You should always speak to an attorney about a possible divorce – preferably before you even make your final decision about the marriage. It’s not always the right time to get divorced; you and your spouse may benefit from making certain shared financial decisions before your information becomes public knowledge. 

Speaking of public knowledge, you should choose an attorney who will help you keep your private information private. Certain court documents must be public record, but that doesn’t mean the public has to know all the “dirty details.” Your attorney can use several strategies to ensure your divorce remains as private as possible (more on that here).

Review your prenuptial agreement

Many athletes and entertainers create a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot. If you’ve been married for a while, you may have forgotten the terms of your prenup – assuming you understood all the legal jargon in the first place! Now is the time to review it with your attorney so you know what to expect when you move forward with your divorce. If you don’t have a prenup, speak to a New Jersey lawyer for entertainment figures to prepare for an equitable distribution of your marital property.

Collect financial information

Comprehensive financial documentation is necessary if you hope to optimize the outcome of your divorce. Now’s the time to contact the companies that manage your retirement accounts, investments, and other assets to request documentation of your finances. Does this sound too overwhelming to do on your own? A divorce consultant can advise you on how to handle and address financial issues like credit card debt and shared savings accounts, as well as what documents are required and how to go about obtaining the documents.

Decide where you stand on child custody

If you’re a dad, you may have to make tough decisions about the custody arrangement you’d like to seek during your divorce. If you have a good co-parenting relationship with your spouse, and if your marital troubles haven’t gotten in the way of you raising your child together, you may be able to create a parenting plan during arbitration. This is the best case scenario for many fathers. Allowing a judge to determine custody often leaves both parents (and the kids) unhappy. 

If you have the financial means to make the custody shift easier on your kids, there are several arrangements that may work out for everyone. Some parents buy homes in the same neighborhood so their kids can theoretically see both parents every day. Others decide to cohabitate platonically, which may be an option if you own a home that is large enough for each parent to have their own space. If I could make one recommendation to divorcing dads, it is to maintain a cordial relationship with your ex. Co-parenting is challenging enough, even without conflict between parents.

Our New Jersey divorce lawyers for entertainers know how to handle your high profile and high asset divorce! You can benefit from our attorneys’ decades of experience by scheduling your initial consultation. Give us a call at 973-562-0100 to get started. 

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