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Divorce Consulting for Dads: Can It Help You Avoid Litigation?

Brad Micklin- Divorce Consulting for Dads: Can It Help You Avoid Litigation?

If you think there may be a divorce in your future, you may fear the possibility of contentious litigation. In-court divorces certainly have a bad reputation. This reputation is somewhat unfounded, but – full disclosure – it can be miserable for some men. What can you do to prepare for and even prevent a possible in-court divorce? Consider divorce consulting with a men’s divorce lawyer in New Jersey.

What is Divorce Consulting?

Many people confuse an initial consultation with an attorney and divorce consulting services. The latter is an ongoing service meant to address all the decisions you’ll need to make when you divorce; the documents and records you will have to collect; what kind of property settlement is in your best interests; and questions around custody, visitation, and financial support of your children.

The consulting process isn’t about squirreling away assets to keep for yourself (this is illegal and has huge ramifications on your divorce). It’s about gaining insight into your assets and debts and making sure you understand how the process will go if you get a divorce in the future.

Not every family law firm in New Jersey offers divorce consulting. Brad Micklin has chosen to offer this service because he knows it helps many men make sense of their divorce. By developing a relationship with your divorce consultant from the very beginning you’ll strengthen your faith in the divorce process during mediation. Your divorce consultant is here to help you keep a level head during divorce for men in New Jersey.

A Shot At Reducing Conflict

When you wait until you or your spouse files for divorce to speak with a New Jersey divorce attorney for men, you’ll have to scramble to collect and understand your financial documents. You only have so long to respond to every phase of the divorce; this leaves many men and fathers feeling unprepared. If you’ve built a relationship with a divorce consultant starting at the first sign of trouble, you’ll already know what needs to be done before and during mediation.

Litigation is usually the last resort after mediation fails, so successful mediation can keep you out of court. Your divorce consultant will help you understand where you need to compromise to keep things equitable and where you can stand your ground. In cases where mediation is successful, both spouses generally end up more satisfied than if a judge had made all the decisions for them.

Let’s face it – most divorces don’t come out of nowhere. Often both parties are contemplating a divorce before one spouse finally pulls the plug. Even if you have a contentious relationship with your spouse and can’t stand to sleep in the same bed, you may be able to convince her to start with divorce mediation based on the info you’ve learned from your consultant. You can even present this information to your spouse to help explain how avoiding litigation can save you both money. It’s not a surefire way to get your spouse onboard, but at least it will highlight your options.

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