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Divorce for men in New Jersey can be a complicated process, and many men feel completely overwhelmed when they first consider the possibility of ending their marriage. New Jersey divorce attorneys for men are there to handle the logistics and file the paperwork, but many men also need help making the decision to get divorced in the first place.

Enter divorce consulting services. Divorce consultants help clients analyze their feelings and consider all the implications of a potential divorce in the future. By working with a divorce consultant in New Jersey, men and fathers can address difficult decisions and prepare for the divorce process legally.

The Purpose of Divorce Consulting

Divorce consulting is meant to make the divorce process easier, but not everyone who works with a divorce consultant will end up getting a divorce. It’s a service that is meant to inform and educate you on many of the common issues that arise in a divorce. If you decide a divorce is right for you, your time with a divorce consultant will pay off. You’ll be prepared for the often complicated and messy process of dividing assets, deciding child custody, and determining alimony.

The Micklin Law Group’s divorce consulting services are tailored to men and fathers who are fairly certain they are going to proceed with a divorce. The firm’s unique divorce consulting services are conducted with Brad Micklin who has decades of experience as a New Jersey divorce attorney for men. Brad’s divorce consulting clients know that without planning in advance they may end up in a complicated tangle of legal and financial decisions.

Unlike an initial family law consultation, where an attorney is not permitted to provide case-specific information, divorce consulting provides clients with access to a highly regarded, well respected lawyer to run different scenarios and what-if analyses.

Who Should Hire A Divorce Consultant?

Divorce consulting services really help when there are questions regarding children, child support, and spousal maintenance. The Micklin Law Group provides divorce consulting clients information and knowledge about the process, and advance planning and strategic advice to help you sort through your goals for the outcome of a potential divorce.

If you’re a man who feels lost when it comes to your potential divorce, you should consider working with a divorce consultant who can bring you up to speed on the process. Men and fathers who anticipate a high conflict or high asset divorce in particular should consider hiring a men’s divorce lawyer In New Jersey who will also act as a divorce consultant. And if you believe child custody will be contentious it’s especially important for you to consult with a New Jersey family law firm.

Having A Divorce Pro on Your Side

If you believe you may file for divorce in the future, you need to know what’s available to you right now. There are certain steps you can legally take before you file for divorce, and there are other things you’ll be completely prohibited from doing. There are negative legal ramifications to certain actions taken before or during a divorce – such as making changes to certain assets – so a New Jersey divorce consultant will make sure you stay away from anything that could get you into trouble.

Preparing for a divorce can be time consuming and stressful. You’ll need to compile all your financial documents to ensure your assets are fairly distributed. If you have kids, you may also have to prepare a case for primary or sole custody. A divorce consultant can help you with the administrative burden of your future divorce by explaining how your documents should be organized. If you end up getting divorced in the future, you’ll have already done the hard work of collecting the necessary documents.

Divorce is emotional, and pre-divorce planning can help you put aside difficult emotions to make logical and sensible decisions for your future. To get started with pre-divorce consultant and attorney Brad Micklin, call our team in Nutley at 973-562-0100 or get in touch with the Montclair office at 862-245-4620.

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