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Divorce Is an Expensive Distraction – How to Make the Proceedings Go Faster

Divorce Is an Expensive Distraction – How to  Make the Proceedings Go Faster

If you thought your wedding was expensive, you’ll be in for a shock when you get the bill for your divorce – that is, if you drag out the proceedings. Yes, it’s true that divorces have a reputation for being expensive, but you can cut back on costs by making the proceedings move along quickly. Here’s how:

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce_attorney_in_nutley_new_jersey.jpgUncontested divorces are typically the quickest and easiest option when getting a divorce. This is because the courts don’t have to decide on any of the issues related to your divorce, such as alimony payments, child support and property division.

Although uncontested divorces are quick and easy, it’s still important to hire a lawyer to review the divorce process and help you understand the long-term implications of your agreement.

Uncontested divorces typically come with minimal legal fees, and proceedings are much shorter. But it’s important to ensure that you meet the state’s legal separation and residency requirements before opting for this type of divorce.

Quickie Divorces

Quickie divorces can also help you save on legal fees, but there are some things that need to be considered before going this route. For starters, the attorney that you hire will only be able to represent you or your spouse – not both of you.

In most cases, the attorney will represent one spouse, and the other will proceed Pro Se (representing themselves). All documents can be prepared by the attorney, and both parties can sign them. In many cases, the two spouses can split the cost of the attorney’s fees.

Quickie divorces can be finalized in as little as 30 days, but there will be other factors at play that will affect the length of your divorce. Your attorney will need to prepare all of the paperwork, and file them. Even if your attorney files the paperwork quickly, there is no guarantee of when the Judge will sign the papers.

Divorce in another Jurisdiction

If your state imposes a long waiting period before granting a divorce, you may consider getting divorced in another state. Some states have short residency periods, like Nevada. In extreme circumstances, you may also consider getting a divorce in another country. If you do decide to go this route, you’ll need to ensure that your divorce will be recognized in the United States.

Know the Requirements Ahead of Time

Some states have certain requirements that must be met before a divorce can be finalized. If you have children, you will likely have to take a parenting class before the Judge will sign off on your divorce. Judges want to ensure that parents are well aware of the consequences of divorce and the effect it has on children.

Most states also have residency and separation requirements that must also be met before the divorce can be finalized.

If you and your spouse can agree on issues related to your divorce, proceedings will be much quicker and less costly. When spouses are unable to agree on the issues, the proceedings are dragged out, and legal fees pile up as a result.

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