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Don’t Let the Holiday Season Get You Down After A Divorce

The Micklin Law Group-Don’t Let the Holiday Season Get You Down After A Divorce

The holiday season is usually a happy time, but for newly separated and divorced men, it can be a reminder of all you’ve lost. Emotions, such as pain, fear, and regret, can hold you down and make you feel lonely during the holidays. Men often lead a life of invisible suffering after they get divorced, which means they are less likely to receive support from their family or friends. These loved ones may not be aware of the pain you are going through during the holiday season, so it’s important that you communicate your needs – this is a great first step toward making the holidays cheerier. 

Here are some other tips for overcoming the negative emotions that come with a divorce.

Accept the Grief

When you get divorced, you go through a process mentally that closely resembles the loss of a loved one. For men to move on from their divorce, they need to take the pain and feel it before they can cast it aside. There is a process for getting over these challenges, and once we accept that it is normal and even needed for us to feel pain, we can come to terms with the reality sooner. It is essential to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the pain does not last forever. It may feel unbearable now, during the holiday season when happy couples and families are everywhere, but the quicker you accept your circumstances 

Make Yourself a Priority

The holidays can be a demanding time, with extended family members all vying for your attention. Devote a little time to yourself to avoid burnout. It can also be helpful to get into a new routine so you have time to do all your favorite things, even when you’re busy because of the holiday season. By shifting your focus from the pain of your divorce to something that uplifts you, you can speed up the process of getting over your grief. Spend time on your hobbies, get some fresh air, and prioritize your health.

Do Better vs. Feel Better

Many families tend to let loose during the holidays, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to imbibe and eat ‘til you’re stuffed. Try not to make yourself feel better emotionally by turning to vices. Focus on improving your life in the long-term, rather than pondering ways to make yourself feel better at that moment. Moving through the phases of grief is a necessary step, but it is up to you to decide when you want to take that first step towards getting over your divorce and starting afresh.

Seek a Support Group

Support groups are an excellent way for men to work through and get over their divorce with the mutual support and guidance of other men. Men can feel secure in the knowledge that other men have crusaded through the same path and have been able to get over the pain. Support groups for divorced men make the process a little easier on the peers and participants. If you’ve noticed that this time of year has been difficult, try to get yourself to a group as soon as possible.

You are not alone. If you have decided to file for divorce this holiday season, The Micklin Law Group can help you overcome the unique problems you face. Our practice is built around men’s and fathers’ rights, so we understand the pain felt by many men during a divorce. Contact us to learn more.

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