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Don’t Throw Away That 2021 Calendar – It Could Be Helpful in Your Divorce

Brad Micklin- Don’t Throw Away That 2021 Calendar – It Could Be Helpful in Your Divorce

As we near the end of the year, most of us start looking to the future. We’re ready to move on from 2021 and see what the new year has in store. But if you’re considering a divorce after the holidays, there’s one item from 2021 you may not want to get rid of yet: your calendar.

Child Custody: Check the Schedule First

Any father in New Jersey who is getting divorced wants to make sure he continues to have plenty of time with his child. You may have a tradition of taking your kid to sports practices, or you may be a scout leader for his group. The activities you do together shouldn’t have to change because of your divorce, but they will have to be considered when determining a custody arrangement. 

Your calendar of activities will help you remember all the activities that need to be considered when you’re trying to figure out where you child should stay each night. If you always take her to dance practice on Mondays, maybe it makes sense for you to have custody during the first half of the week. It can also be written into a parenting plan that you are allowed to pick your child up and take them to certain events, even if they are currently in your ex-spouse’s custody. This can all be negotiated by a men’s divorce lawyer, who will be very grateful to see your completed calendar for 2021.

Demonstrating Lifestyle for Spousal Support

When determining whether to award spousal support, the court’s primary concern is the marital lifestyle of both parties. If you’re the high earner in the marriage and your spouse is requesting support, it may not be easy to prove a lack of expensive vacations, tickets to broadway shows, and other expenses. However, if your ex is claiming you jet off to Paris once a month, your calendar may be able to show that your European vacation actually only happens once a year. 

If you are a man who is trying to collect spousal support from his soon-to-be ex, your calendar can show how often you enjoyed these outings. When you can back it up with additional documents, even your weekly round of golf may be corroborated by your calendar. This will give the judge an idea of your lifestyle while you were married and could help you receive more in spousal support. 

Remembering Payment Due Dates

You’ll need to collect a lot of financial paperwork before and during your divorce. It can be difficult to remember all the bills you pay each month: credit cards, car insurance, mortgage, life insurance, and more. These payments are often “out of sight, out of mind,” especially when they’re on autopay. Checking your 2021 calendar for your payment due dates can be a great way to easily remember which paperwork you’ll need to print out before you meet with your New Jersey divorce lawyer

New Jersey 2022 Divorce Attorneys for Men

We know it may not be pleasant to think about starting 2022 off with a divorce, but if you’re unhappy in your marriage, it may be time to move on. The Micklin Law Group’s divorce lawyers for men are here to help you analyze past schedules, financial documents, and other information to get an idea of what to expect after you file for divorce.


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