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How Fantasy Football Proves Useful for Divorced Dads

Strengthen Paternal Bond

Fantasy football can be a savior for divorced fathers | The Micklin Law Group, LLCWhen fantasy football season arrives, you may find yourself completely buried in stat sheets and injury reports. You may even read every article about sleeper picks that will give you the most returns on your investment. Fantasy football, for many, is an excuse to watch every game so they can brag about it and talk to their friends.

But, another “use case” for fantasy football is that it is often a useful tool for divorced dads. Following a divorce, non-custodial fathers face a tough time of year when their children go back to school, as that means they will have less time to spend with their children. Playing fantasy football with your children may serve as an effective way to connect with them while teaching them useful life skills.

These are some right out-of-the-box ways in which fantasy football can be a savior for divorced fathers-

  • Teach math skills – It is often difficult to interest kids in developing their math skills. A way to make the task easier is to turn it into fun. Keeping score involves operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Ask your kids to determine how many points they need to win, or their opponent needs, and help them understand algebraic functions while also working on problem-solving abilities.
  • Practice persistence – Patience and persistence are part of every fantasy football game and two key qualities for children to learn. Drafting requires research, and once you have set your lineup, patience is crucial. There is no immediate gratification in fantasy football. To go through a complete season, dedication and commitment are essential. When your kids play with you, they are compelled to develop these attributes.
  • Learning to predict results – The key to winning big in fantasy football is to choose players wisely. You need to predict the performance of each player on any given weekend by looking at their past accomplishments, taking into account numerous variables, gauging matchups, and using the data to predict the outcome. When you involve your kids in this, they develop logic and comprehension skills and sharpen their critical thinking. They will also learn that any amount of efforts cannot guarantee success. Even after a lot of research, the outcome may differ from what they predicted.
  • Handling disappointments – While you would not want to be harsh on your children, it is important for them to realize that disappointments are a part of life. Things don’t always work out in the way they should have. This uncomfortable lesson will prove as a useful lesson to them in the long term.

Strengthen your parental bond with your child by being involved in their daily activities as you play the game. Fantasy football can have an unintended positive effect on your parental relationship as a divorced father.

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