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For Pro Athletes, Divorce May be the Most Common Court Case

For Pro Athletes, Divorce Outweighs Domestic Violence In Court | Micklin Law Group

Professional athletes have an unfortunate reputation for legal issues, from domestic violence to drug and alcohol charges. We cannot ignore the issue of domestic violence among athletes, especially those who are more likely to turn to physical conflict during their football game or MMA match. This is a real issue for the families who are affected by these individuals’ violence. However, most athletes manage to avoid any legal issues and remain upstanding citizens. 

There is one legal issue many pros run into during or after their career: divorce. As New Jersey professional athlete divorce lawyers, we’ve seen countless high-earning men and women athletes whose divorce quickly becomes contentious. 

New Jersey Divorce for Professional Athletes

Why do pro athletes get divorced? Well, every marriage is different, but some men blame media attention, the busy schedule, or physical demands of their career. In some circumstances the allure of receiving hefty alimony payments may make spouses of athletes more likely to file for divorce if they’ve been experiencing conflict in the marriage. Spouses may also have high expectations of their athlete husband, expecting him to spend all his free time with the family even when he is exhausted and needs to recover from work. 

When a male athlete faces divorce, there are often substantial assets on the line. The legal system views all high-asset divorces in New Jersey in the same way regardless of the parties’ careers. The goal is to find an equitable distribution of assets based on what each spouse contributed to the marriage. The challenge comes when one party contributes financially much more than the other. 

Our New Jersey divorce law firm for professional athletes understands your concerns about a fair division of assets. You’ve dedicated years to your career, and you put your body on the line every day. In return, you make a comfortable salary. You don’t want to see your ex walk away with an unfair share of the assets you’ve accumulated. New Jersey divorce lawyers for entertainers work to prevent this from happening.

Professional Athlete Divorce Attorneys in New Jersey

As a professional athlete, you have a rigorous and physically demanding career. You may also have an unconventional schedule and travel a lot for work. The Micklin Law Group’s New Jersey professional athlete divorce lawyers for men will handle your divorce discreetly while working around your hectic schedule. We can meet virtually in many cases, so you’ll stay in the loop even if you’re on the road. Whether you’ve been with your spouse for months, years, or decades, we’ll help you determine an acceptable divorce settlement and do our best to persuade your spouse to keep things out of court and out of the public eye. 

If you’ve reached the end of your rope and want to begin divorce proceedings, contact our attorneys for a free consultation today. We’re happy to share more information about our past experience and strategy for helping men and fathers who are celebrities get divorced.

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