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German Man Takes ‘Half of Everything’ Order to the Extreme

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When it comes to divorce settlements, the agreement stands that both parties are entitled to half of everything the couple earned or bought during their marriage. One man in Germany took this rule to the extreme by literally sawing their belongings in half. Everything from furniture to electronics and entertainment items, like DVDs, were cut in half and sold on eBay.

The man’s real identity is still unknown, but he posted a video entitled “For Laura” on YouTube under the username Der Juli. The video depicts him sawing the items in half. In the video’s caption, he thanks his wife for 12 beautiful years and says that she really earned her half.

Some of the items put up for sale include a car, chairs, a large screen TV, an adorable teddy bear and an iPhone. At the end of the video, the man sends sarcastic well wishes to the next man who marries his ex-wife. To date, the video has had over one million views and people have showed interest in buying his “halved” items.

Apple products have received the most bids. Other items, such as a bicycle, car and a vinyl album also had bids. It’s hard to determine whether the man is bitter about his divorce or taking the division or property too literally. But many users say that it’s painful to watch the man saw such expensive items in half – especially the big screen TV.

While many people will find the video and the sentiment amusing, the man’s actions are a testament to how bitter a divorce can be. Even the most civil of couples may resort to this type of behavior when pushed to the extreme. Working with a divorce lawyer can help make the divorce process less stressful, but couples may still resort to bitter behavior even after the divorce is finalized.

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