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Helpful Tips for Collaborative Divorce As A Dad

Brad Micklin- Helpful Tips for Collaborative Divorce As A Dad

The mediation process can be a much more constructive way to resolve many family law disputes. Contentious litigation of a divorce is stressful for the parties and their children and often leads to animosity and conflict that lasts long after the divorce judgment. When parties can work amicably in a mediation setting, it may reduce everyone’s stress and ultimately make both parties feel as if they got what they wanted out of the divorce. This is often important for divorcing fathers who don’t want things to get nasty because they have to continue to co-parent with their ex. 

If you’re a father who has decided on a collaborative divorce, here are some tips to ensure things go smoothly.

Choose the Right Attorney

Your attorney can make or break the collaborative divorce process. You want to feel confident that your lawyer can make this work, or you may end up in expensive and time-consuming litigation. An attorney who works specifically with fathers is a great choice; just make sure he is also experienced in collaborative divorces. 

Collaborative divorce lawyers for fathers are focused on finding favorable solutions to issues like asset division and child custody while only compromising where necessary. Attorneys walk a fine line between being too aggressive in mediation and allowing their client to be pushed around by his spouse. Experienced New Jersey collaborative divorce lawyers will know how to walk the line whereas others may struggle.

Stick to the Matter At Hand

Collaborative divorces remove a lot of the stress and uncertainty from the agreement. Since couples and their lawyers meet regularly to cover all the details, it’s much easier to stay on the same page as your spouse. Even so, spouses sometimes fall into the trap of dragging every marital issue into mediation. This is completely unnecessary and time-wasting unless there was a significant marital issue like infidelity or domestic abuse. Veering off course can also cause tensions to rise, which may in turn cause mediation to fail. It’s easy to see how this simple mistake can land you in court.

Trust the Experts – But Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

During the collaborative divorce process you’ll receive professional guidance on everything you need to include in the divorce, such as property and debt. Attorneys who have been through this process many times before know how these things are likely to go based on your assets and other details of your marriage. Your attorney always considers your unique circumstances before making his recommendations, so you can trust his opinion. That being said, if there are certain aspects of the divorce that are very important to you, like retaining certain aspects or creating a fair parenting plan, be sure to speak up and let your lawyer know about these goals.

New Jersey Collaborative Divorce Attorney for Fathers

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