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High-Stakes Marriage: Why Entertainers Get Divorced at Higher Rates

The Micklin Law Group- High-Stakes Marriage: Why Entertainers Get Divorced at Higher Rates

Celebrities, public figures, and entertainers get divorced at staggering rates. According to some estimates, celebrities may even get divorced at twice the rate of “normal” couples. How do New Jersey divorce lawyers for entertainers explain this huge discrepancy? Well, it’s a complex issue that can’t be boiled down to a single answer, but there are clues to be found if you know where to look.

We all know some common reasons for divorce: financial and parenting conflicts, stress, infidelity, and other irreconcilable differences. In this article, we’ll explore how these issues affect married celebrities. We’ll also discuss the additional career-related stressors they face that may eventually end their marriage.

Common Issues, Higher Stakes

Nearly everything about a celebrity’s life and marriage is high stakes. Career issues are stressful for anyone, but can most Americans say we stand to lose $10 million a year by making an unwise career move? If the average husband or wife is unfaithful, are they photographed leaving their lover’s home and plastered all over the tabloids? And these are just a few examples – the list goes on and on.

Here’s why some of the most common reasons for divorce are higher stakes for celebrity couples.

Financial Issues

You’d be hard-pressed to find a couple who has never argued about their finances. It doesn’t matter whether accounts are kept separate or resources are pooled – eventually a difference of opinion about expenses is bound to arise. It’s much more likely a couple will be torn apart over finances if one or both spouses stand to lose a huge sum of money or face a substantial lifestyle change. If an entertainer is sued for millions of dollars, or if they are forced to declare bankruptcy after years of living a lavish lifestyle, the end of their marriage may be nigh. 

One interesting point about finances: because celebrities and entertainers do have substantial assets, they may be more willing than the average couple to get a divorce. New Jersey entertainment law attorneys’ fees are a mere drop in the bucket, and even alimony and child support payments won’t create a burden for the entertainer.  

Celebrities’ Parenting 

When celebrities disagree about how to parent their children, they may face more intense repercussions, including public scrutiny. If dad doesn’t think the kids should attend a public school but mom insists, how do you think he will feel if his children are constantly harassed by paparazzi after the final bell? This certainly isn’t an issue for non-celebrity parents who are weighing the benefits of a private education. 

Another big issue celebrity parents face is social media backlash. Entertainers must be very careful about what they post on Instagram. Commenters and tabloid writers have opinions about even the most minute detail, from the food the child is eating to the toys she is playing with. Even worse, when the public feels entitled to photos of your child, you may face extreme backlash when you stop posting about her. This may create tension between parents and can contribute to a divorce. 


Many entertainers develop a narcissistic view of themselves after years of being adored by scores of fans. Beautiful men and women are constantly throwing themselves at entertainers, which doesn’t make it difficult to find a new fling. Couple this feeling and opportunity with physical and emotional distance from their partner, and many entertainers seem doomed to a life of infidelity! Of course, this isn’t the case. Many celebrity couples remain faithful for decades. But New Jersey lawyers for entertainment figures’ divorce do see many entertainers who are dealing with infidelity. The public shame that often accompanies a celebrity’s affair is sometimes enough to prompt a divorce – their partner may have been able to get past the infidelity, but they won’t be made to look like a fool in the magazines.

New Jersey Lawyers for Male Entertainment Figures’ Divorces

If you are an entertainer who is seeking a divorce due to any of the aforementioned reasons, or for a reason not listed, our men’s rights attorneys in NJ can help. We want you to feel confident in your choice to hire The Micklin Law Group, so we’re happy to share more information about our past experience and strategy for helping men and fathers who are celebrities get divorced.

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