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How COVID-19 is Affecting Divorces for Men

Brad Micklin- How COVID-19 is Affecting Divorces for Men

The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our daily lives, so why wouldn’t it affect the courts, too? Unfortunately, a man considering or in the process of a divorce during the pandemic may face unique and evolving challenges that would not have been an issue just one year ago. Here are some of the most common changes divorce attorneys for men have been seeing across the country.

Increased Interest in Divorce

One of the most noteworthy trends men’s and fathers’ divorce attorneys have seen in 2020 is an increased interest in divorce. Many men have been unhappy in their marriage for a while, but it took being forced to stay inside with their spouse during the pandemic to realize their marriage is unsalvageable. Now, these men and fathers need family law attorneys who understand the challenges that come with getting divorced during COVID-19 and can help them quickly finalize their divorce and move on with life.

Slowing Down Some In-Court Divorces

Many courts have reopened by now, but they’re also dealing with a backlog of cases. This means an in-court divorce may be a lengthy process. If you were in the middle of a divorce when the pandemic hit, your hearings may have been rescheduled again and again. Still waiting for a court date? Consider asking your spouse about trying another approach, such as mediation or an e-divorce. A judge may be able to finalize your divorce more quickly if your attorneys have already drafted an agreement to which you both agree.

E-Divorce Has Become A Popular Option

E-divorce is one of the most common ways men are choosing to avoid an in-court divorce. When a couple agrees to the terms of the divorce (distribution of assets, child custody, and more), one spouse can hire an attorney to draft the appropriate documents and file them with the court. The attorney may attend a court hearing on the client’s behalf, and the divorce will be finalized if a judge approves of the divorce agreement.

This process can be completed without any in-court hearings, and some men can complete the paperwork electronically without ever having to meet their attorney face to face. It’s a safe and convenient solution, but only if you and your spouse are on good terms and can accept compromises.

Complicated Custody Arrangements

If you’re not living with your spouse during your divorce, custody is already a challenging issue. But take into account virtual learning, parents working essential jobs, and the danger of contracting COVID during custody transfers, and you’ve got a real conundrum. Many American fathers are dealing with child custody issues for men that weren’t even on their radar before the pandemic.

If your spouse’s job in healthcare or risky behavior in her free time has you considering a bid for emergency temporary custody of your child, consult a family law attorney for fathers. An attorney who has experience helping other parents obtain temporary or permanent custody will be able to help you come up with the best plan for keeping your child safe and healthy.

Learn How Your Own Divorce Could Be Uniquely Affected

For even more information about how the pandemic may uniquely affect your divorce, watch my webinar on the topic. If you’d like to hire one of The Micklin Law Group’s skilled divorce lawyers for men to represent you during a COVID divorce, contact our office at 973-562-0100 in Nutley or at 862-245-4620 in Montclair to schedule a consultation. We can also assist with custody cases, child support and alimony modifications, and other family law issues.


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