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How Entertainment Figures Should Handle A High Asset Divorce

Brad Micklin- How Entertainment Figures Should Handle A High Asset Divorce

High asset divorces may be more complicated if the couple has a variety of assets, or if one or both spouses have premarital assets that must be excluded from the divorce settlement. To make matters worse, having more assets up for grabs often leads to a contentious, high conflict divorce. Public figures who anticipate a high asset divorce can take several steps to minimize conflict and to ensure an equitable settlement.

Hire NJ Divorce Lawyers For Entertainers First

If you anticipate a divorce or have received notice that your spouse has already filed, you’ll need an advocate to help you protect your rights during your case. Not all high asset divorce lawyers in NJ will understand the importance of discretion for public figures, so we’d recommend choosing an attorney who has previously worked with entertainers. Family lawyers for entertainers in New Jersey are familiar with the laws that apply to your divorce. We’ve seen other public figures fall victim to inequitable asset distribution, privacy breaches, and unfair treatment by the media, so we know how to help you avoid these issues. Before you respond to divorce papers or speak to your spouse’s attorney, hire your own lawyer and formulate a strategy.

Stay Away from Social Media

Anyone in the midst of divorce should avoid discussing marital issues and finances on social media, but this is especially important to avoid if you are an influencer with a large social media following. Your spouse’s attorney can use the information you post to benefit her case. You’ll also risk coming across as combative or petty to a judge, which can tarnish your reputation and affect your case. I’d also encourage you to avoid making any public statements or speaking with members of the media unless your lawyer believes these actions will be beneficial to your case in some way.

Remain Active In Your Child’s Life

If you’re a father who is hoping for joint custody of your children, it’s important that you continue to show your dedication to the kids. Male entertainers and public figures may be unfairly treated by the court in a custody case if they appear to be choosing other activities over spending time with their child. We know you have enough time in your day to see your child and make it to dinner or drinks with friends, but the media likes to focus heavily on the latter while ignoring the former. I encourage you to document the time you spend with your child so you can prove your intentions to a judge.

Be Patient and Realistic

Your divorce will go more smoothly if you realize the process is going to take some time. Do not be in a rush to settle or make snap judgments based on emotion. Being in a hurry to get the divorce over with may risk losing valuable property or incurring financial liabilities that can prove burdensome.

Remain calm and work with your attorney to understand the property distribution scheme followed in your state. If you understand how a judge will view the situation and what the likely result will be if the divorce is settled by trial, that knowledge may help keep you focused on finding ways to resolve the case short of trial.

Lawyers for Male Entertainment Figures in New Jersey

The Micklin Law Group’s divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey have worked with public figures to ensure their assets and privacy remain intact during the divorce. If you’re an entertainer who anticipates issues with alimony, child support, and the distribution of assets during your divorce, our NJ entertainment divorce attorneys can help clear up your concerns. Contact our team to schedule your consultation. You can reach us by calling 973-562-0100, or use our contact form and you’ll hear back from us shortly.

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