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How to Fight An Allegation of Unpaid Child Support

Brad Micklin- How to Fight An Allegation of Unpaid Child Support

Have you found yourself in the following scenario? You’re a loving dad who is happy to pay child support to meet your child’s needs. You’ve faithfully made your monthly payments for a while now. All of a sudden, you receive a notice from the court that your ex is claiming you owe unpaid support! 

This situation isn’t uncommon; our child support attorneys in NJ have worked with many dads who are flabbergasted to receive a notification that their ex wife is claiming to never have received their hard-earned money. It’s a slap in the face to any father who has reliably provided for his child. Even if you have recently fallen behind with your child support payments, you’ll need to respond to your ex-wife’s accusations. 

Refuting False Allegations of Unpaid Child Support

If your ex is claiming you haven’t been paying your child support each month, she is inherently accusing you of not abiding by the child support order. This accusation isn’t taken lightly. You are required to promptly respond to this claim either way, but you certainly want to quickly contest these claims if you have been paying child support. 

Luckily, it may be easy for you to fight your ex’s false allegations. If you have proof of your monthly payments to your ex, you’ll just have to provide that information to the court and the case should quickly be resolved. If you do not have proof of payment for whatever reason, speak to a child support lawyer for men to determine how you should proceed. 

Complying with A New Jersey Child Support Order

One important thing to note is that you cannot refuse to pay your child support while you are waiting for the judge’s ruling on the supposed non-payments. This can be tempting, especially with what many fathers are up against in the family law courts, but it is illegal and will hurt your case. In many cases moms are still awarded primary custody despite men’s child custody attorneys’ best efforts. Since custody and support are determined independently, you’re paying your ex-wife to care for your child even though you may not have equal parenting time. Whatever your opinion is about this, you must still pay your child support while you wait for a judge to sort out the accusations.

What If I Haven’t Been Paying?

If you have recently fallen behind in your child support payments, our child support attorneys for men can help you resolve your legal issues. We’ll help you ensure the consequences you face for unpaid child support are not excessive due to your ex-wife’s exaggerated claims. We can also help you request a child support modification if you have recently experienced a financial hardship that is making it difficult to pay your support on time. 

Is your ex out to get you for unpaid child support, or is she making false allegations about a lack of payment? Contact The Micklin Law Group for assistance.

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