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Johnny Depp Case Demonstrates Need for Men’s Rights Advocates

The Micklin Law Group- Johnny Depp Case Demonstrates Need for Men's Rights Advocates

The Depp/Heard defamation trial has captivated many people around the world, many who have declared their allegiance to one actor or the other. Taped conversations and other evidence from the trial has been used by Johnny Depp’s lawyers to allege that their client was a victim of abuse at the hands of his ex-wife before their divorce. Amber Heard has also alleged that Depp was physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive toward her during their marriage. While Heard’s career has persevered since the end of their marriage, the damage caused by her allegations may have caused Depp to lose out on several movie roles and substantial income. 

While the defamation case is focused on Depp’s career, it also highlights how many men suffer through domestic abuse. Heard’s abuse toward Depp is alleged, but the evidence against her is compelling. Still, many people choose not to believe that Johnny was a victim of abuse simply because he is a man. Sadly, family lawyers for men’s rights see this all too often. Our clients who are trying to leave an abusive marriage rarely find support from their friends and community. They are often hesitant to get a restraining order and take other steps that may actually protect them from their abuser. 

Unreported Domestic Abuse

Our society has a toxic perception of domestic violence because we assume only the “weaker” partner can be abused. Many men in heterosexual relationships who are victims of abuse are questioned about the legitimacy of their claims just because they are physically larger than their partner. However, we know that physical abuse is not the only kind of domestic abuse. Physical, mental, financial, and sexual abuse can all be used to control the victim. Some men who are physically abused don’t feel they can fight back because of the control exerted over them. 

Sadly, abused men often do not ask for assistance because they are embarrassed they need it. Even worse, some people and organizations do not believe or assist men who are being abused because of these damaging stereotypes. 

Advocating for Men’s Rights

So, what can we do to help a man who has been the target of abuse? First, men need to be taken more seriously when they come forward as a victim of domestic abuse. If you are the friend or family member of a man who has admitted he is being abused, always take it seriously. And if you yourself are the man who is being abused, a quick internet search can help you find organizations that offer assistance for men. There are also domestic violence hotlines for men who are in danger – but always call 911 if you are in imminent danger.

We must also make it easier for men to leave abusive partners and obtain legal protections. For men who are going through a divorce, divorce attorneys in New Jersey must be prepared to fight back against their narcissistic or abusive wife. The Micklin Law Group’s attorneys help men fight for their rights and obtain legal protections against their abusers. We are dedicated to advancing men’s and fathers’ rights, and we are here for you. Contact us for assistance.

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