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What Does the Law in NJ Say About Non-Custodial Father’s Rights?

What Does the Law in NJ Say About Non-Custodial Father’s Rights?

Men are generally perceived to be at a disadvantage when seeking the custody of their children during the divorce process. A skilled father’s rights attorney will work vigorously on your behalf to see that a New Jersey court does not consider gender a factor in determining custody of your children.

New Jersey courts have a legal obligation to keep both parents on equal level when making decisions on important matters in a divorce. Even if you are the non-custodial parent, you have parenting rights to help you establish a strong and healthy relationship with your children.

Learn About Non-Custodial Father’s Rights in New Jersey:

  • Parenting time – When the mother has the sole custody of the child, the father is granted parenting time. Courts in New Jersey understand that both parents play an important role in the child’s life. So, they work to ensure that parenting time arrangements help the non-custodial parent maintain a positive bond with their child, Can a non custodial parent take a child out of state for vacation. A father’s rights lawyer can help you understand the various parenting-time options available and determine the arrangement that best suits you and your child.
  • Modification in child custody and parenting plans – As your circumstances change, it may become necessary to revise the original child custody and parenting plans. A father has the right to ask for these modifications. A father’s rights lawyer can help you draft a document that states your and your child’s needs. If your ex opposes the modification, your lawyer can file a motion and fight in a New Jersey court on your behalf.
  • Parental alienation against you – While most parents realize that it is important that their child has a positive relationship with both mom and dad, some are blinded by bitterness. If your ex attempts to hinder your relationship with your child, an experienced father’s rights lawyer can assist you. You are not alone in your resolve to maintain an amicable relationship with your child.
  • Financial rights – It is not often that a father seeks financial rights in a divorce. This is because in many cases, the man is still the main breadwinner in the family. However, it is important that a father seeks financial rights in divorce, like a fair division of property and Alimony. Your father’s rights attorney will provide guidance on financial matters, like alimony and equitable distribution of property.

If you’re about to get divorced, make sure you have a father’s rights attorney on your side who knows how to defend your rights. Voice your concerns openly to your attorney and he will defend your rights vigorously.

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