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The Micklin Law Group has been dedicated to helping men and fathers navigate the family law courts of New Jersey for decades. Now, we’re pleased to announce the release of a new, free handbook dedicated to teaching men in New Jersey everything they need to know about getting a divorce, including information about child custody for fathers.

Here’s a quick primer on the three most important topics we cover in the free handbook so you know what to expect.

The Divorce Process

There are many steps in the divorce process, from the initial filing to your court appearances to the moment when your divorce is finalized. Our main goal when creating this divorce handbook for men was to demystify the legal process. We’ve been representing men going through a divorce for decades, and we’ve found that when our clients understand what’s next they’re less stressed overall. It’s important to work with a divorce lawyer you can trust, but it’s even more important to feel personally confident about how your divorce will transpire. Learn about each legal hurdle you’ll face by reading our easy to understand handbook.

Complex Divorce Issues

Some men in New Jersey face a high conflict divorce (when divorcing a narcissist, for example) or a high asset divorce. These circumstances can make the divorce process more complex, and there may be more legal “hoops” to jump through before the divorce is finalized. In our new handbook, you’ll learn about how the court addresses substantial assets and how your initiative can make all the difference – for example, having your business appraised to know how much it’s worth before you begin negotiations.

Child Custody for Fathers

Obtaining child custody can be confusing and intimidating. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from pursuing joint or primary custody of your child. We believe loving fathers have a right to spend time with their children and be an active role in their kids’ lives. The Micklin Law Group’s new divorce handbook includes a glossary that explains common child custody terms, such as the difference between sole custody, joint custody, and primary custody.

Download Our Free Divorce Handbook!

If you’re ready to move on from your unhappy marriage and get started living the rest of your life, our free divorce handbook can help you learn more about what to expect. Your divorce doesn’t have to keep you up at night; you’ll feel more empowered to make the best decisions for yourself and your family when you’ve educated yourself. Our “What Men in New Jersey Need to Know About Divorce” handbook, which you can download here, provides all the information you need to get started.

Our divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey can also help if you need to retain counsel for your divorce. Give us a call at 973-562-0100 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced and supportive attorneys for men.

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