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Men, Protect Your Rights in a Divorce With These 3 Secrets

Men, Protect Your Rights in a Divorce

Men must protect their rights in a divorce. A soon-to-be ex-husband has an uphill battle if he hopes to be able to protect his rights without knowing what they are in the first place. The key most important thing to remember is that men have the same rights as women in a divorce.

You need to fight for your rights.

Men, Protect Your Rights in a DivorceProtecting your rights requires you to do these three things:

1. Divulge Any and All Assets That You Own

There will be a request for you to list all of the assets that you own. A lot of men try and hide assets that are dear to them, but this is a major no-no. If you hide assets, you risk losing credibility with the court.

Reveal every asset you have, and when it comes to the division of assets, be prepared to:

  • Leverage assets for something you want
  • Sit down and discuss asset division
  • Compromise with your ex

If you fail to divulge your assets, you’ll no longer be trusted in the asset division portion of the divorce. You have a right to assets as does your wife, so don’t jeopardize that right.

2. Ask for Custody Immediately

If you have children, ask for custody early on in the divorce proceedings. The court will rule in the best interest of the child, and if both parents are responsible, this might mean a joint custody agreement.

But if you fail to ask for custody, you may not get joint custody.

The courts want to know that you’re interested in your child’s life. If you don’t show interest in getting custody, you may not get a favorable custody agreement. Make it clear to the court and your lawyer your:

  • Goals
  • Ability to take custody of the child
  • Willingness to be flexible

Make an aggressive push to get custody of your child. An experienced lawyer can help make your custody battle as a man less complex.

3. Ask for Spousal Support

Men often don’t know that they have a right to spousal support when they get divorced. Your spouse, if she is more financially stable, may be required to provide you with spousal support. As a man, you have right to request support if:

  • Your wife is the breadwinner
  • You’re financially dependent on your wife

The court will consider your request and may grant you support. Temporary spousal support can also be granted.

You do have a right to spousal support as a man, and New Jersey courts do recognize this right.

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