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Monroe Township Local Officials Offering Free Divorce Recovery Services

Divorce and Children: Making Them Feel At Home During Overnight Timesharing or Visitation

Divorce is a costly process. St. Matthew’s Community Development Corporation has partnered with local officials in Monroe Township to offer a variety of free classes to the surrounding communities. Free services will begin on June 14th.

The partnership was announced by Mayors Daniel Teefy and Barry Wright. Senator Fred Madden will also be part of the official reception that kicks off the free services.

Divorced couples and couples dealing with hardship will be allowed to attend a variety of free weekly classes. Two classes in particular are geared toward families: Divorce Recovery and Grief Sharing. A class on marriage is also being offered and will help couples, both happy and on the brink of divorce, overcome the struggles of marriage. A Living Single course is going to be offered and will help newly divorced people transition into life as a single person.

Attendees do not need to be part of the church to take advantage of the free services.

Classes that are offered also include Spanish 101, Photography, Living Single, Parenting and Biblical Principles. The church has grown from a congregation of 150 members to 12,000 members under the guidance of Senior Pastor Dr. Raymond Gordon.

The church will be offering its classes at the Family Life Center with a capacity to hold 2,000 people at once. The 45,000 square foot center also includes 40 meeting rooms, a gym, tennis courts and a swimming pool and banquet hall.

Lawyers recommend family counseling and classes to couples that are on the brink of divorce or that have already been divorced. Counseling will allow for an unbiased avenue that ensures both parties are able to get through their divorce issues. St. Matthews free services are a way to get the help a person needs minus the cost.

Class information is available by calling 856-629-4614.

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