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Obtaining A Gray Divorce During COVID-19 Restrictions

Micklin Law Group Obtaining A Gray Divorce During COVID-19 Restrictions

Summer has offered a bit of a reprieve from crippling COVID-19 restrictions as families get out and enjoy nature – while social distancing, of course. But winter is on its way, and many unhappy couples are dreading the months when they’ll be forced to stay in their homes together with no outlet for their frustration. Empty nesters and couples who have been together for decades may have had hobbies outside the home that masked the problems in their marriage, but those activities have been canceled in 2020. Now, those couples are ready to call it quits on a marriage that won’t weather the winter. But with all of 2020’s changes, some men over 50 have been left wondering if they can even get divorced right now.

There’s no need to delay; New Jersey courts are granting divorces even during the pandemic. Your quickest option is an e-divorce, but this type of no-conflict divorce may not be an option for most couples over 50. If you’ll need mediation or litigation to finalize your divorce, here are your options during COVID-19.

Online Consultation and Mediation

Some New Jersey gray divorce lawyers, such as the attorneys of The Micklin Law Group, are offering online consultations and meetings in a virtual conference room. You can use this technology to meet with your attorney in a confidential environment while in the security of your own home. If you’d prefer to be more discrete, you can also meet with us from the home of a family member or friend.

We’re also available over the phone or via email to discuss your case once we’ve entered into a retainer agreement and you’ve begun the divorce process. If you’d like to meet your spouse for mediation to avoid a court case, you may also be able to do this virtually.

Filing for Divorce Digitally

Much of your divorce paperwork can be filed online with the assistance of a family law attorney. However, your spouse will still need to be served the initial divorce paperwork in person unless they choose to waive that right (which is often done when the divorce is mutually agreed upon).

You may not even need to show up in person for your own divorce if you decide to utilize our e-divorce services. If you and your spouse agree to every aspect of the divorce – division of assets, spousal support, custody, and more – you can complete your divorce completely digitally with the assistance of a New Jersey gray divorce lawyer.

Addressing the Challenges of a Gray Divorce

Don’t be so caught up in the logistics of your divorce during the pandemic that you forget to take stock of your assets and financial goals. You’ll need to be prepared to the difficult conversations and negotiations by:

  • Identifying all marital assets, including real estate, investments, retirement accounts, and savings
  • Identifying premarital assets, which may include inheritances, investments, property, and business assets
  • Gathering all the relevant financial documents
  • Understanding social security guidelines for couples who have been married 10+ years
  • Speaking to your attorney about the terms of your prenuptial agreement, if applicable

By having a clear picture of what’s at stake, you’ll give yourself and your attorney the best chance of creating an effective negotiation strategy.

Gray Divorce Attorneys in New Jersey

If you’re searching for a New Jersey gray divorce lawyer during the pandemic, you need to find a law firm with digital capabilities. The Micklin Law Group is meeting with clients in our virtual conference room, over the phone, and via email to make our clients’ lives easier. We know many men who are getting divorced during the pandemic are dealing with a lot: finding a new place to live, sharing custody of children, and more. We want to make it easy and safe to get a divorce during the pandemic. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can finalize your gray divorce safely, let’s connect.

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