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When It’s OK to Stop Fighting in A Divorce

When It’s OK to Stop Fighting in A Divorce

Fighting in a divorce is almost certain. There are fairytale divorces that go smoothly and everyone gets what they want from the start. The issue is that this isn’t realistic for most couples.

in a divorce fight in new jersey

There is always some fighting that goes on, and this doesn’t mean that a screaming match ensues.

Rather, you may fight for the custody of your children, higher alimony payments or for assets that you believe are not being divided properly. Fighting over who’s to blame or who’s at fault for the marriage – at this point – is irrelevant.

3 Times It’s Okay to Stop Fighting

1.      It’s a Fair Divorce

A fair divorce is one where everyone should be happy. The assets were divided fairly, and you’re allowed to keep your home. You may have to allow visitation rights on the weekend and a few nights a week where your kids will go to their father’s house, but you’re both happy with the arrangement.

When a divorce is fair and the division of assets is acceptable, it’s time to finish the divorce proceedings and move on to the next chapter of your life.

2.      Custody is Fair

You lived in an apartment and the both of you have your own automobiles. The assets you acquired together were meager, and you’ve just hashed out child custody agreements. If this sounds like you, you’ve probably had a short marriage and there really aren’t many assets to divide.

You can fight for a portion of his retirement account or his personal savings account, but he could also fight for the same.

If you have little to no assets that were acquired during marriage, the division of assets should be simple and custody should be what matters the most.

3.      You’ve Went Through Mediation

Some divorces would rage on until the end of time if they were allowed. These are divorces when the other spouse believes you should get nothing, or vice-versa. And if the two of you can’t be in the same room together, it’s time to hire a mediator to hash things out for you.

Mediators will go through the division of assets and help you come to a fair agreement on divorce.

This isn’t to say that a mediator’s agreement is final, but you’ll be close to the end of your fight. If you can look at the whole picture with no judgement and think the divorce is fair, end the fighting and put the finishing touches on the divorce.

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