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Private Solutions for High-Profile Divorce Cases

Brad Micklin- Private Solutions for High-Profile Divorce Cases

When an entertainer, professional athlete, or local celebrity is going through a divorce, the media sees invading their privacy as a money-making opportunity. Photos of a well-known man leaving his divorce lawyer’s office, showing up to court, or stepping out on a date during his divorce can fetch a small fortune and may be widely circulated. Information about the divorce can also be used to write tell-all articles for more clicks on websites and social media.

If you anticipate a high-profile divorce case and don’t want your private information made public, consider working with a divorce lawyer for famous men. Experienced attorneys understand the legal protections available to you and how they can be leveraged to keep your personal information out of the press.

Here’s how our divorce attorneys for male celebrities will help you protect your privacy during a divorce.

Keep Details Out of Court

Staying out of court is the best way to control who has access to your private information. Certain information about your divorce must be made public, but that doesn’t mean the press should have access to details about your finances or conflict with your spouse. By negotiating out of court, you may not be forced to provide sensitive documentation to anyone besides your spouse’s attorney. When you present your agreement to the court, you won’t be required to go into the juicy details of your career, income, or parenting plan; the info that ends up on the public record will be fairly dry and straightforward.

Ask the Court to Seal Certain Documents

Some financial documents and medical records may be sealed by the courts to prevent the public from accessing sensitive information. If you’re interested, your divorce attorney for men can help you file the appropriate paperwork. Note that this request isn’t always granted. However, if your request to seal an entire document is denied, you may still be able to request that specific information, such as childrens’ names and ages, social security numbers, and information relating to domestic violence, be censored from the documents.

Stay Off Social Media

Even the best security settings won’t protect you from having your information leaked if you choose to post it on social media. You may have a private Facebook or Instagram that isn’t accessible by the general public, but do you know you can trust every single person who has access to your page?

Unfortunately, acquaintances of entertainers and pro athletes have been known to sell information to the press if the price is right. All it takes is one screenshot to change the public narrative of your split. It’s best to keep the details within your inner circle. In fact, if you’d really like to err on the side of caution, consider only discussing your divorce in-person. Emails and texts can also be used to air your secrets.

Experienced Attorneys for Male Public Figures and Entertainers

If you’re at all concerned about the details of your divorce being made public, your first step should always be contacting a divorce lawyer for men. The Micklin Law Group’s divorce attorneys focus on men’s and fathers’ rights during divorce, custody cases, and other family law concerns. We know how to keep your information private, whether you are a professional athlete, local celebrity, or nationally-recognized entertainer. Contact our team to schedule your virtual consultation from anywhere in the United States.

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