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Are There Questions I Need to Ask my Lawyer about Alimony in New Jersey?

No-Fault Divorce

Staying informed about what’s going on in your divorce proceeding will help you make better decisions in the process and will also enable you to provide more relevant, accurate information to your attorney. This is particularly important in the alimony process, where lots of financial information will need to be analyzed. Additionally, you’ll need to ask some questions before choosing an attorney.

Here are a few questions you need to ask your attorney:

  • Are you experienced in family law and have you worked on many divorce cases involving alimony? Experience does matter, so you need to ensure that the attorney you choose knows New Jersey alimony laws.
  • What information do you need from me to pursue alimony? Working closely with your attorney by providing financial documentation and informing them of accounts and assets your spouse may have will help your attorney secure a more favorable alimony result.
  • How will my current living conditions or the issue of fault in my divorce influence alimony? Fault in a divorce rarely affects alimony anymore, but it might if you or your spouse has done something particularly egregious. You need an open and honest dialog with your attorney so that he or she will know all the particulars of the case.
  • Can I get pendente lite alimony? This is a temporary alimony arrangement until a permanent alimony agreement is set.

By keeping a clear channel of communication open with your attorney, you can improve your chances of obtaining a favorable alimony result.

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