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Signs A Dad Needs to Prepare for a High Conflict Divorce

Brad Micklin-Signs A Dad Needs to Prepare for a High Conflict Divorce

Divorce is rarely smooth sailing for both spouses; there’s bound to be some conflict involved when a couple decides to go their separate ways. However, the degree to which conflict appears in a divorce can vary greatly. Some pairs draw the line at name calling, while others may resort to total emotional manipulation to get what they want. Some spouses slightly embellish the truth, but others are fine blatantly lying about assets and parenting.

If you anticipate lying, nasty behaviors, and a battle for assets and custody, you may be facing a high conflict divorce. High conflict divorce for dads in New Jersey can certainly be challenging, but the process is made easier with the assistance of a divorce attorney. If you notice any of the following signs at the start of your divorce, I strongly recommend you contact divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey to protect yourself and prepare for any potential bumps in the road.

There are substantial assets up for grabs

When a couple has accumulated wealth during their marriage, both parties may feel entitled to that wealth. The divorcing couple has the power to negotiate the terms of the property division, but if one or both spouses aren’t willing to cooperate, they’ll likely have to duke it out in court. You may quickly realize that negotiation isn’t an option if your ex refuses to compromise when it comes to dividing these assets.

State divorce laws attempt to distribute wealth equitably between the parties; that’s not the same thing as equality. Take the example of a wife who was a stay at home parent for 10 years while her husband worked in a high paying career. The wife may be entitled to some portion of her spouse’s earnings, but she doesn’t necessarily deserve 50%. This is why an in-court divorce tends to be more contentious: both sides are trying to prove that they deserve more of the marital assets.

Your spouse is a narcissist

Individuals with certain personality traits and disorders tend to lead inherently higher conflict lives. This may be the case with some narcissists, since many with this personality disorder will do whatever it takes to come out on top. If your wife is a narcissist, you can bet she wants to look good during the divorce, and she may be willing to pull out all the stops to get what she wants. A New Jersey high conflict divorce attorney can quickly halt your narcissist wife’s tactics. Narcissists need attention for their tactics to work, so focus on the task at hand and don’t give

Your ex threatens to take the kids

Many a scorned wife has claimed, “You’ll never see your kids again!” when served with divorce papers. Your relationship with your children shouldn’t be dependent on your marriage; you deserve to remain an active role in your kids’ lives even if you’re no longer with their mother.

If your spouse started making threats about custody as soon as she was served with divorce papers, anticipate a high conflict divorce and custody battle. Don’t panic yet; many New Jersey high conflict divorce lawyers are also pros at negotiating custody. In addition, most family court judges are moving toward 50/50 custody arrangements instead of automatically giving the mother primary custody.

Your spouse was deceitful during your marriage

A divorce often brings out the worst in people. If your spouse lied, was unfaithful, or deceived you in any other way during your marriage, things aren’t going to start looking up once you file for divorce. Many divorcing spouses won’t hesitate to lie about finances and parenting in the hopes of getting their way. You’ll need to work with your attorney to compile extensive records and counteract your ex’s deception.

High Conflict Divorce Lawyers for Men in New Jersey

If you anticipate a high conflict divorce, don’t delay; get in touch with an attorney for men right away to start gathering your evidence and making a plan. The Micklin Law Group’s attorneys are available for both in person and virtual consultations. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call at 973-562-0100 to learn more.

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