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Signs You Need to Hire A Child Custody Lawyer

The Micklin Law Group- Signs You Need to Hire A Child Custody Lawyer

Divorcing fathers and those who were never married to their co-parent both deserve to have time with their child after a break up. Some exes can make an informal custody agreement work, while others will need to let a judge decide what is in the best interest of the child. If you’re a dad who is torn about going to court for custody, here are some signs that you should hire a child custody lawyer for men.

You’re Going Through A Contentious Divorce

Spouses who are going through a contentious divorce are at odds about many different things. Even if you believe you and your spouse can peacefully co-parent after the divorce without a formal custody agreement, you may be surprised by how your ex’s conduct changes once the divorce is finalized. You’re already dealing with other legal matters in the midst of your divorce, so it’s probably smart to address custody in court at this time instead of waiting for things to become problematic.

Your Ex Isn’t Following Your Agreed-Upon Parenting Plan

If you have a formal custody order, you are both legally obligated to follow the terms of that order. If your ex is refusing to let you see your child or to stick to your current custody schedule, it’s important that you contact a child custody lawyer in New Jersey to help you bring the matter up with the court. The same will usually apply to an informal custody arrangement. If the court has never been involved in determining your custody, there may not be legal repercussions for your spouse’s actions at this time. This is why it’s so important to take care of the matter in court as soon as possible. Once you have a fair official custody order, any future defiance from your ex will be handled by a judge.

You Suspect Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a tactic high-conflict co-parents use to turn their child against the other parent. They may badmouth you to the child, refuse to let you see the child and claim it’s your fault, not allow you to take the child on vacation, or use any number of other approaches to show your child that you are a bad parent, even when nothing could be further from the truth. Their eventual goal may be getting full custody in NJ, especially if they can get your kid to back up their story. Parental alienation is not acceptable, and by working with a child custody attorney you can address this harmful behavior in court.

Custody Lawyers In New Jersey

If you’re facing any of these challenging situations as a dad in New Jersey, contact The Micklin Law Group. Our New Jersey child custody lawyers have focused on helping fathers obtain fair custody agreements for over 20 years. We understand the challenges dads face in custody cases, and we will help you fight for time with your child. Contact us here.

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