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Five Ways You Can Stay Close to Your Children After Divorce

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Men Stay Close to his Children After Divorce | The Micklin Law Group, LLCChildren cope better with their parents’ divorce when both parents maintain healthy relationships with them. As their father, your children expect you to stay close to them, emotionally. When you take care of your kids, even if you share custody, you build your trust and credibility in their eyes.

Connect with Children

A father’s love for his kids remains even after the marriage has faded. Here are five ways to make sure you still stay connected with your children-

  1. Pursue your children – When you are presented with the opportunity to talk to your children or spend time with them, make it your top priority. Your ex-spouse could become an obstacle between you and your children, but don’t let that affect you. Prioritize your children no matter how important your work or your other commitments may be. Stay connected to them through calls, messages, videos, and letters if need be.
  2. Validate and support them – As a father, your children will look up to you for many things. When they are candid with you about their failed test, tell them you failed a test once, too. Share your experiences with them so that they turn to you for their bigger decisions someday. Validating their feelings will help them love you more. Give them the confidence that they are worthy and capable and also tell them about COVID-19.
  3. Respect your ex-spouse – As a father who has gone through a divorce, you may have anger towards your ex. Try as hard as you can to show your respect towards your children’s mother. Even if an emotional situation arises, refrain from getting aggressive in your children’s presence. If you scream in front of them, they will perceive you to be disrespectful. Keep any negative part of your relationship with your ex as separate from your relationship with your kids as you can.
  4. Send them gifts and surprise them – Your children will love it when they receive gifts from you on special occasions and festivals. They will grow up looking forward to your presents and to your letters if you make it a habit today. Give them reasons to think of you, and make them smile a little brighter when it’s a special day.
  5. Extend your meeting time – Most custodial arrangements require that the non-custodial parent meets the kids every other weekend. But, if your ex is accommodating and understanding, work out an extension of your time with your children. Try to spend more time with them when your children are out of school, for example.

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