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How to Stop an Ex from Turning Your Kids Against You

8 Considerations for Men and Fathers Negotiating a NJ Divorce Settlement

It may be one of the saddest types of calls I get in my career as a divorce lawyer for men in New Jersey.

“My ex is turning my daughter against me,” says the worried father. “What can I do to stop her?”

Divorce is scary enough as it is for children. They didn’t ask their folks to split up. When they also are subjected to what psychologists call Parental Alienation, it becomes terrifying. They are made to feel guilty about loving their dad. Just speak to the children who are caught in the crossfire and listen to their story as I have. It’s heart wrenching to hear them, and it takes a terrible toll on the father.

Here are some ways to spot signs that your former wife is trying to alienate your children and some strategies to stop it.

Telltale Signs Your Ex Is Turning Your Child Against You

There are some ways to spot if the mother of your children is badmouthing you to them. The earliest warning sign is on social media. If her Facebook page is filled with derogatory comments about you to her family and friends, chances are pretty good she is making similar remarks to your children. Take screenshots and save them; if she blocks you, ask a friend to continue doing so.

Don’t get into an online war of words with her. Judges do not take kindly to one spouse saying nasty things about the other online. But we can use it as evidence if needed when negotiating visitation, custody, and support issues with her attorney – and in court if it becomes necessary.

But even if she isn’t posting anything on Facebook, there are other telltale signs that she may be trying to alienate your children from you. It is marked by a sudden change in the kid’s attitude towards you:

  • You or friends overhear her speaking poorly of you
  • She tries to limit the children’s contact with you
  • She tries to interfere with your communication with the kids
  • She emotionally punishes the child when they say anything positive about you
  • And the worst is that she tells your children that you do not love them

Sociologists haven’t done studies into how many children are subjected to parental alienation by the mother but reams of anecdotal evidence indicate that it happens to fathers who are the custodial or co-parent of a child even after the divorce is finalized. It is done to children as young as toddlers and preschoolers as well as to teens well into their high school years.

Men’s Rights After Separation and Divorce

Regardless of how far along your divorce is in the process or if you’ve been divorced for some time, my divorce advice to fathers in New Jersey is consistent. There are several key things to remember.

First and most important, call me or one of our family law attorneys for men and fathers in New Jersey. Keep us informed of all attempts by your ex to alienate your children from you. Even if we did not handle your original divorce, we will not only provide you with advice on how to proceed but can develop a strategy to take to a judge to obtain an order to stop her from continuing her destructive behavior.

Here are some additional tips for fathers who know there’s parental alienation afoot:

  1. Keep in mind that your kids are a victim of your ex and don’t blame them for her actions
  2. Don’t speak badly of the mother to your kids.
  3. Be mindful of the time you’re with the kids. Don’t be late for visits or cancel time with them except in extraordinary circumstances. If you have to cancel or change a visitation, you should tell the kids yourself; don’t let your ex frame the message the way she is likely to try to do.

If you follow these tips while working with your attorney to stop your ex’s inappropriate behavior, the judge is more likely to believe your side of the story.

Divorce Tactics for Fathers to Maintain Relationships with Kids

So, you know how to handle your ex’s attempts at parental alienation, but how can you maintain a healthy relationship with your kids while your lawyer handles their mother’s poor behavior? First, keep telling your children that you love them unconditionally. This might seem obvious to you, but if their mom has been lying to them, your kids may question your love.

Remind the children of the good times you have shared. Younger children have short attention spans and may not remember what life was like before the divorce. Spend some time with them going through photo albums or reminiscing about family vacations so your kids don’t lose those memories and succumb to the false information your ex is providing.

Arguably the most important piece of advice I can offer any father in this situation is to always stay true to yourself and your morals. It’s difficult to be the bigger person when your relationship with your children is on the line, but it will ultimately pay off if you can salvage and even strengthen your relationship with your kids. To that end, don’t try using emotional manipulation or bribes to lure your children away from their mother. This could backfire long term as your children grow up and realize what you were doing. Avoid the temptation to stoop to your ex’s level and keep your focus on the positive.

Talk to a Divorce Lawyer for Men in New Jersey

As a parent, it’s crucial to not play the game that an angry ex-spouse seems intent on playing. As a divorced father myself, I know that our first instinct is to fight for our children and resort to combat tactics to protect them. But when you stop to think about it, this is a self-defeating strategy. It makes the children victims again of a fight between you and your ex.

It can be heartbreaking when an ex wife turns a child against the father. It can also be tempting to take drastic actions to keep your children close. But remember, the best way to handle your trouble with your ex is in court. Follow the tips I’ve laid out to ensure you have credible evidence of your ex’s wrongdoing. Judges don’t want to see children alienated from either parent, so the odds are good that your kids will eventually see you as the loving father you are.

If you’re having trouble with your ex-wife trying to alienate your children from you, please feel free to reach out to the divorce lawyers for men in New Jersey. We will help you create a strategy to put a stop to her bad behavior. Reach us at our Nutley office by calling 973-562-0100.

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