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The Judge Got It Wrong- Now What Do I Do?

Brad Micklin- The Judge Got It Wrong- Now What Do I Do?

Judges are people too, and they don’t always get it right. Sometimes divorce and custody cases don’t go as expected – or even as they should have gone based on the evidence. Their decisions may leave men in New Jersey flabbergasted, not to mention financially disadvantaged or unable to spend adequate time with their children. What’s the first thing New Jersey divorce lawyers do after their client’s case doesn’t go as anticipated?

Divorce Lawyers for Men Appeal Divorce Order

If you don’t agree with the judge’s divorce or child custody order, you have a right to appeal. An appeal means your case will be reviewed by a higher authority to determine whether the initial judge’s decision making was sound. You generally must file this appeal within 45 days of the judge’s decision; this is the case in New Jersey and many other states. 

The appeals process can be challenging and should only be undertaken with the help of your men’s divorce lawyer. This shouldn’t be an issue for most clients since you’ve already been working with a men’s divorce attorney during your initial case. If you were unhappy with the representation you received from your current attorney, it always pays to consult with another lawyer who focuses on men’s and father’s rights.

Unfortunately, few appeals are successful. The higher courts generally sides with the original judge after reviewing the evidence. This is likely because unhappy litigants decide to appeal without facing the true facts of their case. However, that doesn’t mean this is what will happen to you. If you and your New Jersey divorce attorney for men believe you have a good case, you should not be discouraged from filing your appeal. 

Your attorney should be honest with you about whether he thinks you have just cause for an appeal of your divorce or child custody order. Sometimes men are unhappy with the judge’s ruling even though it was a reasonable decision based on the evidence.  If your attorney believes this is true of your case, he should never encourage you to appeal. This is misleading and may be an attempt to  charge you for additional hours. (https://househummus.com)

Honest Family Law Firm for New Jersey Divorce Appeals

The attorneys at The Micklin Law Group don’t sugarcoat the truth for our clients. We know you don’t want to spend more of your hard-earned money than is necessary, especially when you are going through a financially taxing divorce. We’ll be honest about whether you have a legitimate shot at successfully appealing the judge’s decision about your divorce or custody case. We work with our current clients and with clients who were unhappy with their previous attorney’s representation in their original case. To learn more about the appeals process and our team of family law attorneys for men and fathers, contact us by phone at 973-562-0100 or submit your information via our website.

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