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The Micklin Law Group Expands Its Practice into Montclair, New Jersey

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Montclair OfficeThe Micklin Law Group is pleased to announce its expansion into Montclair, New Jersey. The new office will provide more convenience for clients located closer to Montclair than to the firm’s main office in Nutley, New Jersey. “We are always looking for ways to make working with us easier, and a Montclair office just made sense,” said managing partner, Brad Micklin. Montclair is approximately 15 minutes west of Nutley.

The Micklin Law Group focuses on working with men going through divorce, experiencing difficult custody or alimony issues, and in many other ways advocating for men and fathers. One area The Micklin Law Group excels is representing men who are divorcing a narcissist.

The Micklin Law Group prides itself on providing substantive information for men facing divorce including the “Seven Worst Mistakes Men Make When Choosing a Lawyer.” We want you to find the right lawyer; one who will always act with your best interests and those of your kids in mind.

“As a divorce lawyer who has also been divorced, I know what you’re going through,” added Micklin. “Recently I took some time to create my story in hopes it will help men and fathers know that if they hire my firm, they will be working with someone who has truly walked in their shoes,” he added.

“We know what traffic in New Jersey is like, and hope our clients toward the west will appreciate the shorter drive.” Micklin added, “Everything we do we do for our clients. We look forward to meeting with you in our new Montclair office!”

For additional resources on divorce for men and dads, you can visit our Webinar Archive where you can watch:

In addition to the webinars we have done, we continue to add content to our website for men facing divorce. You can click here to review all of the blog posts we have written for men and fathers.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us and schedule time to confidentially talk with attorney Brad Micklin. Whether Brad meets with you in Nutley or Montclair, one thing you will know is that you will be talking with a family lawyer well attuned to the needs and interests of men.

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