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The Most Common Reasons Behind Soaring Celebrity Divorce Rates

Brad Micklin- The Most Common Reasons Behind Soaring Celebrity Divorce Rates

Divorce is not uncommon amongst all American couples, but celebrity couples face additional challenges that make divorce even more likely. Becoming a celebrity often involves merging your personal and professional identities, which means that the general public likely feels entitled to all the details of your personal life while your spouse may feel as if you are playing a character. Substantial assets can also contribute to the breakdown of a marriage when spouses are not on the same page about how they should spend their time and money.

Read on to learn more about the reasons why divorce and family law lawyers for men have seen an increase in celebrity divorce in recent years.

Extreme and Unusual Schedules

Actors, singers, and other public figures often work unusual schedules to accommodate their current projects. Movie sets are notorious for their demanding schedules, and actors may be forced to live on location for several years. Singers and other performers don’t have it much easier, with many embarking on a new worldwide tour every time they release an album – which may mean months on the road without a break. If only one spouse is a celebrity, the couple may be able to accommodate their grueling schedule. However, celebrities often marry other celebrities, and their schedules may consistently conflict. This can make it difficult to build a stable home life together, the absence of which often leads to the breakdown of the marriage.

Temptation and Infidelity

Even if the celebrity spouse isn’t getting paid to be physically involved with other people – as is often the case with actors –  they may experience so much attention from fans that it makes their partner uncomfortable. In spite of both parties remaining faithful, it can be difficult to trust that your celebrity spouse is turning down all the potential “groupies” when he or she is away from home. The unknown is sometimes enough to drive couples apart. And, as we know, not everyone will be able to resist these temptations. Infidelity may be even more prevalent among public figures whose fan base creates a large dating pool. This is one of the main factors entertainers’ divorce attorneys see when their client’s non-celebrity spouse is the first to initiate the divorce.

Domestic Life Highlights Differences

When a celebrity couple spends most of their time together at lavish events and award shows, the glamour of their dating life is often enough to obscure possible incompatibilities.  But once the couple takes the plunge and decides to get married, these differences become more apparent. For example, large age gaps are commonplace among celebrities and public figures. This may not pose a problem in the beginning of a relationship, but what happens once a 20-something and a 50-something are cohabitating and making important life decisions together? There is an inherent difference in mindset and lived experience. Divorce lawyers for celebrity couples see the perils of a large age gap again and again.

Even without an age gap, mundane daily life is a lot more complicated and a lot less glamorous. The spouses may have made assumptions based on each other’s public persona that turn out to be untrue. Or, more likely, they’ll start to notice the little things that have never been made public. Your spouse probably isn’t posting on Instagram about how she leaves dirty dishes in the sink for days; being a celebrity is about always putting your best foot forward. But behind the scenes, these issues may start to add up.

How to Obtain A Discreet and High Profile Divorce

Whatever the reason for your celebrity divorce, you deserve to feel supported and protected throughout the process.  Hiring an attorney for men who understands high profile divorce is the best way to ensure your assets and privacy are protected from unfair treatment. At The Micklin Law Group, our attorneys have focused on representing men and fathers in their family law cases for several decades. We understand how substantial assets and conflict between spouses can affect a divorce, so we’re equipped to represent both local and national public figures.

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