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Three Complex Custody Issues Fathers Face

Brad Micklin- Three Complex Custody Issues Fathers Face

Custody cases are always emotionally difficult, but some fathers face exceptional circumstances that will make the logistics of their case more complex. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you won’t receive the ruling you deserve. Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen many dads face complicated and stressful custody issues and come out on top. You have rights as a father, and your kids will benefit from a fair and balanced custody arrangement so they can maintain their healthy relationship with you.

Here’s how custody lawyers for dads in New Jersey help their clients successfully address and overcome some of the most complex custody issues.

Violence or Neglect

Violence against or neglect of children is never acceptable, so judges want to know if your ex has a history of violent behavior. They are, justifiably, very concerned about putting a child in a home where he may be abused or neglected. In addition to physical violence toward your child, make sure to let your attorney know about your ex’s substance abuse, unfit home environment, and abusive or neglectful significant others. These factors may all affect custody.

You should also let your family law attorney for men know about domestic abuse your ex perpetrated against you during the relationship or marriage. It may have an impact on your custody case. The judge will be interested in evidence like police reports, photos/videos, and witness accounts. If you are fearful of your ex due to past domestic violence, the judge will likely arrange for custody handoffs to take place in a safe and supervised location.

Out of State Moves

Custody cases where a parent wants to move out of the state or country are some of the most contentious. No parent wants to be separated from their child. Family law judges are generally hesitant to allow an out of state move when one parent objects. This is because it may be difficult for both parents to have frequent and continuing contact with their child. If the move could be disruptive to your relationship with your child, you have every right to voice those concerns in court. However, don’t give up hope if the judge allows your ex to move; there are still many options for joint custody. We may be able to negotiate for you to have your child during the summer, holidays, or even on weekends if your ex moves to a neighboring state.

Changing Needs of Children

A child’s needs can change for so many reasons. If your child has an injury or newly diagnosed disability she may need around-the-clock medical care. If she is unhappy at her current school, your child may want to transfer and live near her new school. And once your child becomes old enough to have an opinion of your custody arrangement details may come out about her unhappy home life with your ex. The family law courts are concerned with providing a custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the child, so a judge will want to hear about any substantial changes in your child’s life. It’s likely that your custody arrangement can be changed even if your co-parent doesn’t agree with the judge’s decision. Your NJ child custody attorney for fathers will help you make a compelling argument for a custody order modification.

Not everyone has a good relationship with their ex, but New Jersey courts have guidelines in place to ensure conflict between the two of you doesn’t interfere with your parenting. If you’re facing a stressful or contentious custody case, our family law attorneys for men can help. Contact our team to learn more. 

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