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Two California Lawyers in Battle Over $20 Million in Divorce

Two lawyers from California are in a legal battle over $20 million; most of which is missing. The couple even had envelopes filled with cash and a secret investment fund that is all in the middle of the couple’s divorce proceeding.

High profile lawyers Hydee Feldstein and Peter Gregora are both at the center of a trial that looks more like a Hollywood movie than a normal divorce. Hydee argues that Peter used an elaborate scheme that concealed more than $20 million in assets in Luxembourg. Hydee states that Peter is in breach of his fiduciary duties to her and deserves 100% of the assets as a result.

Hydee, a financial attorney for over 30 years, is also being questioned. The argument is that a financial attorney with such experience would not have lost track of $20 million. Her attorney states that Hydee trusted her husband and was naive.

Gregora who specializes in corporate tax and real estate law states that his wife’s allegations are “outrageous.” Aside from the $20 million that is at the center of the divorce, the couple is also battling over the $4.5 million spent in legal fees so far. The couple has not even had a single day of trial yet.

According to Gregora’s lawyer, the couple’s estate is worth $15 million – not including the couple’s home, which is valued at $7.25 million. The couple amassed their wealth over nearly 30 years of marriage.

Hydee has also filed a lawsuit against Versa Capital Management. She states that her husband invested $19.5 million with the company in an attempt to conceal assets from her. Hydee further states that Gregora will not hand over any of his financial records to know the true value of the assets he has tried to conceal.

Currently, there has been no proof of any misdoing by Gregora and he maintains his innocence.

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