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Understanding New Jersey’s New Alimony Law

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently signed a bill making sweeping changes to New Jersey alimony laws, including eliminating permanent alimony. Any woman contemplating a divorce in New Jersey needs to understand the new laws to make the best decisions possible about her financial future.
The biggest change is that permanent alimony is no longer allowable under New Jersey law. The new standard is “open durational alimony.” In general, payers of alimony will be able to apply to end the payments when they reach retirement age.

The new alimony laws were adopted on Sept. 11, 2014 and apply mainly to future divorces, although it does allow that under most circumstances current alimony payments will end when the spouse paying those reaches age 67.

Also under the new law, alimony payments may not exceed the length of the duration of a marriage if that marriage was less than 20 years. Judges also now have the discretion to end alimony payments to ex-spouses who have a live-in partner, even if that partner is not married to the ex-spouse.

Paying spouses who find themselves out of work can also now obtain payment reductions if they are out of work for more than 90 days.

Because of the changes in New Jersey alimony laws, women obtaining a divorce – particularly stay-at-home moms or women who depended on their husband as the primary breadwinner – need skilled representation and advice.

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